Why does my Phone hang up by Itself? Exact Answer

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“Why does my phone hang up by itself” is a question mainly asked in my comment section. And there are a few main reasons which are the culprit behind your phone hanging.  This is a QnA Article.

The phone never hangs itself. There are a few reasons: sometimes, it is software, and sometimes, it is hardware problems that cause the smartphone to lag or slow down your smartphone itself automatically. 

So let’s see the main reasons why my phone hangs up by itself. 

4 Main Reasons Behind the Phone Hanging by Itself!

Below are the few main reasons why the android hangs up itself.

  • Unexpected network error before or after picking up the call.
  • A software bug, mainly caused after a new installation.
  • The SIM card is not working correctly.
  • Ghost touch.

Why does my phone hang up by itself?

If your phone is hanging up itself, chances are the issue can be quickly fixed by clearing out excess data stored and deleting any recently installed apps. The phone may require a system update to get it fixed, although older phones may not be able to run the latest software properly.

Why does my phone hang up when I answer it?

If you pick up the phone and it hangs up by itself, it can be a software issue; chances are it can be fixed by Uninstalling a recently installed app or rebooting the phone several times.

Fix Phone Hang up by Itself Using These 4 Easy Ways

  • Turning on and off airplane mode.
  • Rebooting the phone several times.
  • Uninstalling the recently installed app.
  • Update the system software.
  • By updating the dialer app.

2 Main Reasons For It

Mainly this happens because of software errors, and when you have a low-budget phone, it could be a hardware problem. 

1. Software Side

On this side of the software problem, most devices hang because of an app installed, not updating your device, or not updating apps. Or it could be because the phone is currently running on battery saver mode. 

However, sometimes modified applications that are available paid on the Play Store and that you have downloaded from the internet can also cause the phone to hang a problem, or your phone will slow down right after installation. 

2. Hardware Side 

However, on the other hand, when we look at the hardware problems or the smartphone’s configuration, there are a few main things like RAM, Storage & Storage type, CPU, and GHz processing power. 

These few things we mostly figured out caused the phone to hang up. 

Ok, so it’s time for the conclusion to summarize everything I have written in this article. 

How to fix lag on android - speedup tips
Android Lag Fix – 7 Easy Ways to Speed up Smartphones


Mainly the phone hangs itself for two reasons, whether it’s software or hardware. On the software side, the phone hangs because of unnecessary installed apps, outdated software, battery saver mode, and modified applications. 

This is mainly caused by the smartphone’s Ram processor battery and storage type on the hardware side. Sometimes it could be caused by some misconfiguration in your hardware. 

More than that, if you want to fix the smartphone lag problem, we have written a few articles on it. We have lived out all the articles below. You can read them and definitely, you will benefit. 

So when your phone slows down or hangs up itself, that could be due to two main reasons. On the software side, this could be due to using outdated apps, not updating your system, and at last, caused by moded apps. On the other hand, on the hardware side, this could be due to your RAM, processor, and processing power, or maybe you are using a low device. Low-end devices are just made for day-to-day users, not for gaming or extreme tasks. 

Ok, so that’s it for the article today. I have mentioned a few reasons why my phone hangs up by itself or why my phone hangs. I hope you like this tutorial. Let me know in the comments. What problem do you think causes any smartphone? Is it hardware or software? Let me know in the comments. Have a nice day.

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