Phone Keep Freezing; The Real Reason! with 5 Easy Solutions

Learn To Fix Phone Keep Freezing; 5 Easy-to-follow Methods. Also, know why your phone is freezing; With the Phone freezing solutions/fix.
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Once in a while, everyone faces phone freezing issues. To elaborate on this, you can think whenever you are using a smartphone and multitasking, your phone stops working, and you can’t perform any other task rather than saying: God, Why is the phone freezing this time?

I know how it feels. But I promise in today’s article I will solve your problem permanently. You won’t face this problem again. Mark my words: you won’t have to face this problem(Phone Keep Freezing) again. And that’s my promise.

Before making a mistake that my friend Kristal made, she directly told me to give him solutions rather than giving him the reasons why his phone kept freezing with Solutions(Stop Freezing Phone). 

First, we will see the reasons, and then I will show you the solution that works. 

Why Does Phone Keep Freezing: The Real Reason

Once in a while, everyone faces this, and the reason could be anything while you are performing multiple tasks simultaneously, running out of storage, etc. But below is the complete list of why your phone keeps freezing every time you open any app or do anything on your phone. The reason why the smartphone is freezing.

  • Your device is running out of storage.
  • Insufficient RAM to run system & apps.
  • Performing multiple tasks at the same time.
  • Using Wi-Fi with mobile internet.
  • Using the App locker apps. 

These are the possible culprits why your phone keeps freezing. On that note, let’s move on to the solution you could implement on your device. 

Stop Phone from Freezing | 5 Easy Methods to Fix Freezing Phone 

As I already mentioned above, one of my friends is named Kristal. She is also suffering from this problem. She has a low and budget-friendly smartphone. In which every app freezes. Once a day, her whole phone freezes. 

I gave him the exact solutions she implemented on his Smartphone and got results. Before implementing these methods, her phone froze 8 to 9 times daily. Now her phone freezes just once a day, and sometimes it’s rare that She finds out that her phone is frozen.

1. Moving Files – Bye-Bye Media

Storage is necessary for everything, whether a computer or a smartphone. In computers, as we all know, local disk C is the brain of the computer on which the primary operating system, Windows or Mac, is running. 

Moving apps to external storage

And the same thing applies to Android or any smartphone. Internal storage is the brain of the whole mobile if you don’t care for it, he won’t care for you.

To fix the phone freezing issue: you have to save as much space from the internal storage. You can move files from internal storage to SD cards or any external storage. Freeing up internal storage will work because the internal storage is the brain of a smartphone and if it is filled with unnecessary files, it definitely won’t work correctly and will freeze every time. 

Let’s move on to the second method, which you can also check out.

2. Uninstalling Unnecessary Apps 

This is one of the most underrated techniques. Everyone thinks about what uninstalling unnecessary apps can do. But this is the golden technique that most people ignore in the beginning. 

If your smartphone has low RAM or a mid-range processor, I recommend uninstalling all unnecessary apps. Or you can try to install the lite version of these apps. Some apps have their lite versions. Rather than using the YouTube app, you can use; rather than using the Facebook app, You can use Facebook lite or their website. 

I highly recommend you uninstall the unnecessary apps you have not used for a long time. Or used occasionally. 

3. Restarting Several Times a Week

Just like the human body, smartphones also need sleep and want a restart. We all recharge at night by sleeping peacefully for 7 to 8 hours. 

Restart Phone

But think about your smartphone running. It has been running for a long week without getting restarted. Even in some cases, phones have not been restarted in 6 months. Because of this, there are unnecessary cache and other kinds of files stored on your device because you are not restarting. Which Creates useless trash on your phone, which causes your phone to freeze or phone a lagging error

So I highly recommend that you restart your phone several times a week. There is no harm in doing that. 

4. Block Notifications

In the world of social media. This is the era of technology where we are the people who post things just like me, posting this blog post on the internet to get rid of the phone freezing problem

blocking notifications to fix phone freezing

Blocking notifications is the ultimate method I recommend to every gaming player on a mid-range or budget-friendly smartphone. Not only for gamers but also for you, A general use.

Hold a second and think about it. Whenever you receive a message, you get a notification in the notification panel, which creates and loads on your RAM and your processor. 

At this point, your phone is handling an app you are using, and the app is working in the background and sending notifications of the latest alerts. 

To block all the notifications of social media apps to fix phone freezing. Get into settings > Apps > select any app > Scroll down > Then tap on notifications > Turn off the Allow notification. 

That is how you can accomplish blocking notifications. 

5. Cleaning Phone’s Storage Regularly 

This is also a crucial step when it comes to smartphones. Cleaning your phone storage regularly is one of the critical factors affecting your phone’s performance. 

I experienced this when using my phone and taking a screenshot of every meme or every quote I found on the internet. Creating Bulky storage. And it becomes problematic when the phone has to manage everything you have. We can’t expect these smartphones to walk like iPhones or flagship-level smartphones. 

benefits of using files by google

You can use apps like files by Google to clean your storage regularly. This app suggests you clean duplicate images, large files, apps that you haven’t used for weeks or months, etc. 

Ok, so at this point, you have read a lot about fixing phone freezing or lagging issues. Now let me summarize the whole thing to make it easy for you to remember. 

To Fix Phone Freezing: You can Move apps to External storage, Uninstall Unnecessary Apps, and Restart the Phone several times a week. Moreover, You can Block notifications of the apps and use app-like files by Google to clear the phone’s memory regularly. 

I hope you found this article to help you. If you have read this article, that means you want to fix this error. I hope all these steps will help you to get rid of it.

It’s backdroid. Let me know in the comments what you think about us. By the way, today I showed you the five easy-to-follow methods to fix phone freezing and some reasons why your phone keeps freezing. 

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