Phone Not Vibrating; Here’s Why? & The Best Fixes

These days everyone suffers from the problem of phones not vibrating and everyone wants to know why my phone is not vibrating. That is because of bugs or any recent change in settings. 

Although many times people complain why something is not working and how you trust me. We have written more than 180 + articles from which I had written 75 + articles on how-to tutorials that fixed almost 5897 problems. 

In today’s article, I am gonna teach you or I am gonna help you to fix phones not vibrating whether your phone is Android or iOS this could be worked on any OS. 

Why is the Phone not Vibrating? 

Probably the phone is not vibrating because of any bugs, Recently changed settings, or can be caused by any app which is modified by a group of people. The vibration problem can be fixed by using a few techniques which I am gonna show in today’s article. 

Moreover, this could be due to the software problem or the hardware problem. I had mentioned everything to check whether it is a software problem or a hardware problem. Bonus: I had already mentioned how to fix the software problem.

Fix Phone Not Vibrating (Vibration Not Working Android/iOS) 

This article has covered everything in order to fix the phone vibration not working you could use these techniques or methods on any Android or iOS device. 

First of all, we will start from the basic methods to the advanced methods that ultimately fix it. 

Restart Your Phone 

Restart Phone

Although I’d mentioned many times in articles that restarting can fix most of the phone’s problems. And that sounds true. I have evidence that many people commented on the past few articles that just by restarting their smartphone they fixed x y z or y z x. 

Perform a quick restart or a kind of shutdown-start if the vibration is not working. What restart does is it clears all the background running apps and services and simultaneously clears the temporary cache of your device. So when your phone starts, check whether the vibration is working or not. 80% of the time it starts working.

Check Your Settings 

If you were in the past few days you went through settings and changed something, remember have you gone into the audio settings of your smartphone or not? If yes then let’s fix it together. 

I figured out that many times people change some settings and forget about it. Many times I see people commenting on my articles. I recommend checking whether they changed anything and they say “Yeah! forgot it. Just reset system settings. 

Let’s try this! 

As I already mentioned, the phone is not vibrating because of some software or maybe hardware problems. Mostly it is because of software problems and how to figure it out. 

First of all, you need to install any vibration testing app from the Play Store or Apple’s app store. Download it and run the test if your phone vibrates or not? If your phone is vibrating then congratulations it is not a hardware problem maybe this is a software error. 

If it is not working that means this could be due to some hardware failures or maybe your vibrator motor is not working. 

Uninstall Any Recently Installed App 

If you recently installed any app which is modified or developed by some group of people then uninstalling it right now may cause a data threat and also not a favorable situation. 

If you still don’t want to uninstall that AP then don’t worry, the next step is just for you to test whether that app is causing the phone not vibrating error. 

Get Into Safe Mode 

Safe mode android

Safe mode every smartphone is a safe mode which is necessary because in this mode all the external installed apps have been disabled you can’t use it. Although it won’t delete any of your app’s data and won’t log you out it is completely safe. 

fix the phone's vibration

Try to boot your smartphone into the safe mode then see whether the vibration is not working or not by getting into settings > sounds & vibration > turn on & off vibration on calls and silent. Check if your cell phone vibrates. 

Update the System 

If any system updates are available for your smartphone then don’t forget to update because many times if the phone makers find any fault or bug in it they try to fix it by releasing and updating their software. Which generally optimizes your smartphone for better performance solves all the problems whether your phone is lagging or charging too slowly

That’s it. Today I’d mention how to fix the phone not vibrating and what are the reasons why your phone is not vibrating. I had mentioned all the aspects of Software and hardware problems. So don’t forget to share it with your friends or at least comment below. I know few people will comment but still, I hope for the best. Have a nice day. Enjoy. 

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