Why does my phone randomly turn off? Let’s Fix it!

How many times does it happen when your phone turns off automatically and randomly? 

I knew what happens many times when your phone randomly turns off! This thing sounds suspicious

Yesterday one of my friends, Kevin, was afraid of it, though there was a Ghost who made his phone turn off randomly.

In this article, I am gonna teach you why your phone randomly turns off and how to fix it. Fixing randomly turning off the phone can be really easy and even can be difficult in many situations. 

Why Does My Phone Turn Off by Itself?

So below are some of the reasons which could be the culprit: your smartphone turns off randomly. 

  • Installing any malicious app. 
  • Any schedule power on and off. 
  • Tons of processes: Multiple backgrounds running apps and services. 
  • It could happen when you are trying to use incompatible apps. 

These are the main reasons why any smartphone Power off randomly. 

How to Fix Phone ShutDown Itself? Randomly & Suddenly 

Let’s dive into the actual tutorial on fixing Android turning off randomly off or iPhone turning off randomly. 

1. Multiple apps and services running at the same time.

Whenever your phone powers off randomly/restart this is basically because there are too many processes running on the system. 

The moment when there are tons of apps running and the services are processing, if the phone could not handle it it will turn off automatically and randomly whenever the process’s load increases. All the tech products tend to power off when they can’t respond.

With time it increases significantly. 

What you can do is you can limit the background running apps from the developer mode. 

You can limit the background running apps to 2-6 apps according to your device’s RAM.

  • For 1GB : 2 Apps
  • For 2GB : 4 Apps
  • For 3-4 GB : 5-6 Apps

Don’t be worried the moment when you do this your device performance will increase significantly, not just that even perhaps more. 

It will fix the phone randomly turned off. 

This brings me to the next point. 

2. Check Any Schedule Power Off.

Nowadays smartphones have an impressive feature that turns off the device automatically at a particular time. Moreover, it can also turn on the device automatically on its time. 

schedule power on and off timing

Sometimes in the day-to-day routine, you forget about it, and whenever we are using the phone at that time the phone is just turned off because we have scheduled a time for turning it off. 

So check whether you have any scheduled power off and on. 

3. Check the Apps. 

As You already know, apps are getting paid! 

In the greed of free apps, people download the apps from third-party APK websites. 

Downloading apps from these sites sometimes provides malicious and dangerous apps. In some cases, it’s been seen that when any user installs the app from third-party websites the cases of random turn-off increase which also means the virus can cause the phone to turn off randomly. 

The first step is to check if you have installed any recent app. You can use an antivirus app to do that or you can check from the Google Play Store. 

Now I am listing all the main reasons why your phone turns off randomly? Is it due to a virus? Here’s a Detailed QNA on Android viruses how they can harm!

Just like Kevin, he is sure that the ghost is turning off his device without his knowing. He came to me and told the whole story. 

And I was like oh! Man.. what are you doing? Crazy bro! 

Phone Switched Off Suddenly, Randomly or Automatically

If your Phone Turns off itself, chances are the issue can be quickly fixed by clearing out excess data stored or clearing the phone’s cache, and deleting any unused apps. The phone may require a system update to get it back up to its previous state, although older phones may not be able to run the latest software properly.

But the good news is I already shared something special with you that can help you to fix this problem. 

That’s all from my side. It’s me, Kunal, the founder of backdroid.com. I hope you found this article useful today I showed you why your phone turns off randomly and how to fix it. 

Have a nice day. Enjoy life. stay healthy. 

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