Phone Screen Flickering: Here’s how to fix it! (Ultimate-method)

Here is How to Fix the Phone screen flickering and blinking. A permanent solution.
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One of the most annoying things is the mobile phone screen flickering. This happens to me. I found a solution to fix it.

Today I will show you EXACTLY how to fix phone flickering issues and blinking phone screens. Even I tried all the settings, and this worked on my smartphone.

Now let’s talk about how to fix it.

This Will Fix the Phone Screen Flickering Issue

This issue happened to me when I bought a new smartphone four months back. In the first month of use, I started getting this issue, leading me into danger from my parents because they recently bought me a new device. 

1. Level it up or turn it off

I know it sounds weird, but this works for me. You must try this if you are getting a smartphone flickering issue.

samsung phone brightness bar

To fix it, stop using your smartphone in extremely low brightness. Try to go for mid-range or a bit more brightness than average.

So whenever you use a smartphone, don’t use it in extremely low brightness. Go for average. I know it will decrease battery life, but you must do it.

OR you can turn off the auto-brightness feature sometimes, which is the culprit.

2. Remove and check if it works

uninstall apps and games

This will work for most people because this is the Era of paid apps and paid games, where some people get free apps or unlocked apps. Also, Try this after this tutorial: Best Offline Games for Android.

Free things are not the solution because sometimes free things cause any issue, and behind the screen, flickering is one of the major causes.

So to fix your smartphone screen, you have to uninstall any recently installed app or game and then restart your phone.

Moreover, you can try to boot into safe mode without installing these apps. Because when you get into safe mode, all the external apps will stop working, and when you get into safe mode, check whether your screen is flickering. If not, an app or a game is causing that issue.

What is Safe Mode? Using Safe Mode on a phone or tablet allows you to force the device to run the essential operating system, and disable most 3rd party applications. It’s designed as a diagnostic tool to help solve issues with connectivity, battery life, and more.

Source: Samsung

Here is how to get into the safe mode on Android

Every smartphone has a different key combination to get into safe mode. So whatever phone you are using, try to Google something like activate safe mode on Your phone’s model.

So here is the essential thing that will help you get into safe mode on your smartphone:

  • First of all, Power Off your Device.
  • Turn your phone back on with the power button, and hold the power button until you see an animated logo appear.
  • Hold the Volume Down button once you see the animated logo appear.
  • Continue holding Volume Down until your device boots.

3. Restart 

As Dwyane Johnson said in Skyscraper, “Restarting can fix all the issues ‘.

restart your phone

As they said, restarting can fix most of the issues in modern technology, so you should try to restart your smartphone.

If you have already restarted, then I would recommend you drain your phone’s battery and Recharge it from zero because, in some cases, restarting won’t work, so you need to restart from zero. Start charging your phone from 0 to 100; I hope this will help you.

4. Clear the cache 

clean junk files

So least you can try to clear the cache of your smartphone; even you can use any cleaning apps like CCleaner or files go that will help you to clean junk files from your smartphone. 

You can try these few things on your smartphone to fix the screen flickering issue. If the problem persists, here is the last and ultimate thing you can do.

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5. The repair works 

If all the techniques work on your smartphone, good. If not, you can visit a mobile phone repair center near you, tell them about your problem, and let them fix it.

Because sometimes, things need to be done professionally by professionals, and this is the last thing you can do to get rid of screen flickering.

Look at the reasons why your phone screen is flickering

  • Using a smartphone in extremely low brightness.
  • When the load increases on your CPU and GPU while playing games.
  • In some cases, auto-brightness is the culprit.
  • Any app or game is causing this flickering issue.

Other Helpful Resources And References

That’s it for today, guys. This is an in-depth tutorial to fix phone screen flickering issues. I hope this will help you to fix it. 

Technique number 3 is one of my favorite techniques that I would use. Let me know which works for you in the comments.

And let me know in the comments if you have any queries related to this. I will try to reply to you in 48 hours.

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