Is Your Phone Speaking To You? Here’s the Best Fixes and the Reason

It’s really annoying when the phone is talking to you. You tap on something on-screen and Android just reads it. That’s known as Android TalkBack features, it is very useful for some disabled people. 

If the TalkBack is turned On then here’s how to turn off TalkBack on any android device. Also, I will mention why my phone is speaking to you in today’s article. 

Why Is My Phone Speaking to Me? 

There’s a feature on all the android smartphones, called TalkBack. This means if you tap on anything on your display it will read it or tell you what icon, text, image, etc, You clicked on. 

The TalkBack screen reader speaks the text and image content on your phone screen. On your Android device, you can turn this setting on or off. In other words: When TalkBack is on, it provides spoken feedback so that you can use your device without looking at the screen. This can be helpful for people who are blind or have low vision.

If your phone is talking to you then Don’t worry that’s a good feature of your smartphone. Now if you want to turn it off then here’s a tutorial. 


How to Turn Off TalkBack Feature On All Android Devices  

It’s tough to turn it off when you don’t know what TalkBack is? How it works. It’s going to be easy because this guide will help you to “fix the phone that is talking to me”. 

Turn It Off Using Shortcut 

Yes! There’s a shortcut available to turn off the talking phone or turn off TalkBack. You can easily turn it off, below is the procedure. 

  • On the side of the device find volume keys.
  • Now press and hold both volume keys for 3 seconds. 
  • To Confirm the action to turn off talkback, press both volume keys for 3 seconds again. 

If the volume key(shortcut) is not working that’s because you haven’t enabled the talkback screen reader. If Volume keys not working read this.

Sometimes talking shortcuts can be tricky but that’s an easy way to do anything instantly. 


Let’s see another method to fix TalkBack. 

Use Google Assistant to Fix Phone Speaking to you 

Yup, Using Google has lots of benefits. Google assistant is really helpful when you want to perform any task quickly or things you don’t know. 

We will use this useful feature to fix android talking to you. 

  • Just Say “Okay Google” 
  • Now Say “Turn Off TalkBack” to turn it off.

Last method for those people who did not know to perform this. Or for the people who wanted to help others.

Here’s a Bonus from google which is reverse image search, learn more about reverse image search here.

With Mobile Settings 

If you can’t perform the above two given methods then you can try this one. Here we are going to use the device settings to turn it off. That’s easy. 

One of the most important things: When TalkBack is on, to activate, double-tap instead of a single tap.

  • On your device, open Settings.
  • Select Accessibility and then TalkBack.
  • Turn Use TalkBack off.
  • Select Okay to confirm your action. 

Fix Phone Talking To You

Learn how to fix android talkback, to turn it off to fix phone speaking to me.

  • 1. Settings > Accessibility

    Open Mobie settings then find additional settings. Here scroll down and tap on accessibilty.

  • 2. Select TalkBack In Settings

    After getting into accessibilty settings. Find and Select Talkback.

  • 3. Now Turn Off TalkBack

    Now Here you have to turn off the talkback.

    To turn off TalkBack:

    1. Tap the switch. You’ll see a green outline. Double-tap the switch.

    2. On the confirmation message, tap OK. Then double-tap OK.

Now You Phone Won’t Talk to You

To navigate using TalkBack:

  • Swipe right or left to move between items
  • Double-tap to activate an item
  • Drag two fingers to scroll

If TalkBack is on and you can’t select anything, it keeps repeating the same thing because when your phone is talking to you (TalkBack is on) that means you have to double-tap instead of a single tap. To select anything, to open any app when TalkBack is on. 

That’s how you can turn off TalkBack on any smartphone which is running on Android OS whether it is from htc, Lenovo, oppo, Huawei, T-Mobile, etc. 


This also happened to me when I was in my 8th class, that’s a terrible experience. That was the time when the internet connection was not available in our area so I just cried because it’s not my smartphone. The smartphone is owned by my father. They just gave me some offline games. And what I did was I just went into settings and explored the possibility to enhance the device. I’m just 11 years old. Lol. That day, I still remember. I just went into settings again and fixed it. That takes me around 1-1:30 hours. Also, I had mentioned some real-life experiences on the about page. 

Glad you came here. That’s it for today’s tutorial. Today I had mentioned what TalkBack is, and how to turn it off. Although, why is your phone talking back? I hope this helped you. 

Let me know in the comments what was your experience and how you found TalkBack and turned it on. I am waiting. Have a nice day. 

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