Why Does My Phone Randomly Vibrate? Here are the Reasons & Fixes

That’s the REAL Reason behind; phones vibrate randomly. Learn why my phone randomly vibrates. With 4 Easy Fixes.
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You are probably currently facing this problem. When you didn’t do anything, didn’t receive notification, etc but still your phone is vibrating for no reason. Many users worldwide reported that their phone vibrates randomly for no reason. In some cases, people figured that their phone vibrates randomly at any particular time. That sounds scary. 

Isn’t it? Anyways To Fix this problem or to know the reason; why does my phone randomly vibrate or why is my phone vibrating for no reason you can continue further reading. In this article, I had mentioned all the reasons behind the smartphone’s vibration. Although steps to fix it. 

Why Does My Phone Randomly Vibrate for No Reason 

Here are some of the reasons behind the scary vibration! That can be the culprit of the phone’s random vibration. 

  • A Hardware Problem: many times users figure out that the phone vibrates randomly just because their phone’s hardware has some technical issues. 
  • A Software Bug: bugs are the most common things if you are using a smartphone and bugs can also vibrate and can create vibration. 
  • The App is Creating Issue: many times, users install an app that is always running in the background and using your Ram and processor to show you some kind of notifications and sometimes these notifications create random vibrations. 
  • A message has been deleted: in some cases, the random vibration is because someone sends you a message and then they delete it. This creates a random vibration that is not shown on the notification bar. 

Here are some sercet messaging apps to use, Check out now.

These are some possible reasons behind random phone vibrations which are happening on your smartphone. To fix it below are the three steps that you should follow. 

Fix Phone’s Random Vibration (Vibrating for no reason!) 

Above I already mentioned a few reasons why this is happening on your smartphone. I also faced this issue in 2019 when I had a smartphone that was launched in 2017-18. My phone vibrates every two to three hours randomly whenever I am using it. Sometimes the phone vibrates so loud and non-stop, it seems like the phone is going to explode. 

Get Into Safe Mode 

Safe mode android

Every smartphone has a safe mode in it which is very useful when you have these kinds of issues. In safe mode, all the external installed apps were disabled for that mode particularly. So if the phone vibrates in the safe mode that means there is a hardware problem in your phone. 

However, if it didn’t vibrate that means any installed app on your smartphone is creating that issue. To figure it out I had mentioned in the fourth step how to fix it. Here’s a Video Tutorial.

Note: Safe mode won’t delete any data. It is also known as the phone’s default mode. 

Uninstall Recently Installed App 

If you have installed any app recently and started facing phone vibration randomly that means the app is creating that issue. Even this could be very serious when it comes to privacy. Below I mentioned a web story that you can watch right now 4 dangerous apps that you should uninstall right now. 

So uninstall that app which you have recently installed on your smartphone or you can uninstall the app that you haven’t downloaded from the official source like Google play store or apple’s app store. 

Most of the third-party apps have been developed or modified by some groups of people. Which is not safe at all, You have to compromise your privacy and your data. 

Factory Reset 

Factory reset means resetting a smartphone into the default stage of any smartphone, just like a new one. 

If there is some settings issue on your smartphone then it could be fixed by resetting your system settings. You can hard reset your smartphone if you want to fix it but this needs lots of expertise. 

Erase all data (Factory Reset)

You can read this guide to factory reset your smartphone. I hope you found it useful. 

Okay, on step number 1, I have told you that in step number 4 how to fix random phone vibration so here is the method that you can try on your smartphone which is working on all the smartphones out there in the market. 

How to Figure out Which App Is Making Your Phone Vibrate? 

To check which app is causing the random phone vibrations here is a guide that you can easily follow. 

  • Get into mobile settings > find in select processor manager. 
  • Here on the third-party apps tab. You will see all the background running apps. 
  • If you found anything unusual about the app that you won’t install but still running in the background. 
  • Then should force stop it right now and get into safe mode uninstall the app. 
open phone's process manager
Step 1
Stop any unusual app
Step 2

Sometimes we visit websites that are not completely secure or without HTTPS. That Can create that kind of error and install apps automatically without your permission without your knowing. 

These can also heat your smartphone or also can slow down your phone initially right after getting installed. 

I hope you liked today’s article which says that my phone vibrates randomly. If It helps you then don’t forget to mention in the comments what is your story how you find out or figure out your phone is vibrating randomly. Check our How To Page.

By the way, do you feel that the vibration is a little scary let me know in the comments yes or no? Anyways, have a nice day. 

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