How to Fix Process System isn’t Responding Android

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Many people suffering from the process system aren’t responding on Android. This is the error that most Android users get nowadays. 

What if I tell you in this article I am gonna show you how to fix processes that aren’t responding on Android. 

The Reason Why the Process System is Not Responding to Android?

This thing mainly happens when there are too many apps running in the background or your phone has insufficient RAM to run apps smoothly. These two are the main reasons behind the system isn’t responding on Android. 

How to Fix Process System isn’t Responding Android

Let’s see how to fix it even though this issue was fixed by a team who Tested on many Smartphones and for this tutorial I am gonna tell you all these methods that they used. 

1. Restarting Phone Every Day

Many Android users made the mistake of not restarting the smartphone in a week or several months. 

By the way, do you remember when you last restarted your device? No! 

Then this could be the reason why the I system isn’t responding on Android. To fix this you need to restart your device every day or at least every week. 

When you restart your device it will clear all the background running application services and reboot your system with the fresh cache that results in the system isn’t responding to being fixed. 

On that note let’s move on to the second thing that you should consider when the process system is sent responding. 

2. Use Lite Apps

Using lite apps is one of the most underrated methods in this era. Everyone is using Instagram’s full version or Facebook’s full version but nobody is trying to install Instagram lite and Facebook lite.

Lite apps are specially made for low-end devices. 

Whenever the Android system is not responding then make sure to use and install lite apps on your phone or even you can use their websites.

Another point is one of the great points that everyone knows but nobody has tried.

3. Disable Animation

Animations play a great role and the Android operating system. Animations are everywhere on Android o as when it comes to closing the application or opening an app or getting into the home menu. 

When you disable the animations on Android your system won’t be loaded with tons of animation because now it’s been disabled so it will free up your RAM and processor to run other services and apps to fix the Android process system not responding. 

Another thing that you could do is to free up your internal storage. 

4. Free Up Internal Storage

Believe me or not, internal storage plays a great role in making your device smooth. On the internal storage, all the apps data like OBB, media files, or the files that are being hidden but are being used to run apps are located. 

So when the internal storage is full there is no space to let the app active by more storage in it then definitely it will put a lot of load on RAM and the processor of Android which came to the final result which is your system is not responding. 

Try to free up your internal storage. We have already created a few articles and you can read them out below. 

Conclusion: Android Process System Isn’t Responding

These are all the things that you could follow when the Android processor system is not responding. 

I had already tried all of these ways and worked for more than 57 smartphones out of 60. 

Make sure to comment on what exactly you are facing the next time. Whenever any people search for it, we will answer it. 

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