How to download PUBG MOBILE India Now!

In this article I wil cover everything you want;

  • PUBG MOBILE India download link
  • PUBG MOBILE india release date
  • How to download PUBG MOBILE India

PUBG Mobile Indian version APK download link spotted by some users on the official website, but it’s not working yet,

Pubg mobile india

Several users spotted the download links for the PUBG Mobile Indian version on its official website.
This likely indicates that the developers are testing the web page before its much-awaited release.

There are more likely to release the Indian version in between November and December.

Now let’s talk about how to download PUBG MOBILE india and how to play PUBG MOBILE INDIA

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How to download PUBG MOBILE Indian version:

There are lots of who are trying to download the pubg mobile india from there website but unfortunately, they didn’t get it.


Now here is the another one example of PUBG MOBILE INDIA

As you see above the PUBG mobile india icon is completely different, probably because of it’s for Indian audience like you and me.

This is for the players who’s game is lagging; How to fix lag in pubg mobile in 2gb ram(Pubg Mobile)

Downloading PUBG MOBILE INDIA directly from the official website

  • Check the website ( every day
  • If you get the download button then what are you waiting for, just download it

Downloading PUBG MOBILE INDIA from Google Play Store

  • If you want to download PUBG MOBILE india from Play Store you have to wait for sometime.
  • Because it’s take around 24 hours to get the game live in playstore

Current situation on launching PUBG MOBILE INDIA

Currently pubg is ready to launch the indian version but they want to make us more excited for that, In my opinion Pubg mobile india going to rock in 2020.

If you see there official website you will get this;

How to download PUBG MOBILE INDIA

I hope you wait for some time because the more we wait the more we enjoy, because it is the best battle royale game of all time.


Some of the pubg players has reported that they got the Download button in the official Pubg mobile india site, but it is not working so if you want to play and Download the official Pubg mobile india then keep an eye on pubg mobile india official website.

PUBG MOBILE India release date

There is no date confirmed by the official Pubg mobile because they want to guve an huge surprise to all of us, In my opinion Pubg mobile india can release on November because people are more likely to to play pubg mobile india soon as possible.

Do this if you want to play PUBG mobile india

  • Try to wait for it (do not serch for Pubg mobile india download link) because if pubg goes live you will get notified by our site.
  • Pubg mobile india release date if still not confirmed yet.

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