Pufferfish Minecraft: find, enchantment , trading and potions

Pufferfish Minecraft: Wondering how to use pufferfish in minecraft this article is going to explain where to find one, deuces, villager trading and brewing potions involving pufferfish let’s start with where to find pufferfish.

Pufferfish Minecraft

In Minecraft pufferfish are the poisonous mobs found in warm oceans, which can be used by used by players to craft potions of water breathing

Where to find pufferfish

They Spawn in warm lukewarm and deep blue corn ocean biomes and groups of 1-2 surfaces that can’t be a block above them.

They will inflate themselves if approached by a player most mobs or armor stands within 5 by 5 by 5 area pufferfish are a passive mob but getting near them can inflict 7 seconds of poison and touching one will do damage separate from poison after inflating they slowly start to deflate undead mobs are unaffected by the poison effect of pufferfish. Aslo Read: como hacer un atril en minecraft.

How to collect pufferfish

A player may collect a pufferfish with a water bucket creating a bucket of pufferfish when the bucket is used against a block the bucket empties and releases the pufferfish, unlike other fish they do not swim in schools or groups. 

Pufferfish enchantment Minecraft

When they are out of the water they flop around and start to suffocate pufferfish are susceptible to the impaling enchantment which is a trident enchantment impaling increases the damage to aquatic mobs for each level it increases the damage by 2.5 the maximum level is 5 at level 5 it can be pufferfish as they can only have a health of 3 when killing a pufferfish they will drop a pufferfish.

pufferfish enchantment minecraft

When killing guardians or elder Guardians they have a 2.5% of dropping a fish, looting can increase this by 1% per level at level 3 it will be a 5 point 5 percent chance there is a 13 percent chance the fish that drops will be a pufferfish.

That means when killing guardians or elder Guardians it is a 3 to 5 percent chance of getting puffer fish when fishing in Minecraft pufferfish fall into the fish category.

There’s an 11 point 1 percent chance of catching one the luck of the sea enchantment is a fishing rod enchantment that increases the treasure catches and reduces the fish and junk catches the maximum level is 3 at level 3 it decreases your chance of catching pufferfish by 0.1 percent. 

What happens if I ate a pufferfish in Minecraft

this will happens if I ate a pufferfish in Minecraft

When you eat pufferfish it restores 1 hunger point in point to saturation but inflicts the effect of hunger 3 for hunger status effect depletes the hunger bar faster than normal poisoned for a minute every point four seconds your health will decrease by one and nausea – for 15 seconds the nausea effect causes your vision to warp.

Pufferfish trading Minecraft

Fishermen villagers there is one trade involving the pufferfish with villagers they have five different levels and for them to level up you have to trade with them to gain experience unlocking two traits at each level the master level which is the fifth level.

pufferfish trading

A fisherman has a trade of buying four pufferfish for an emerald.

Pufferfish can also be used in brewing potion

I will be going through the basics but if you want a more detailed guide on minecraft. This is the display for the brewing stand; the left slot is for the fuel. 

pufferfish brewing potion

The only fuel you can use As blaze powder the bottom three slots are for potions and water bottles and the top slot is for the item you want to distill into the potions or water bottles.

The first potion distills pufferfish into an awkward potion, which is nether warts distilled into a water bottle. The potion of water breathing Potion prevents the oxygen bar when underwater from decreasing and slightly increases your visibility underwater this loss for three minutes. 

It means that you can swim underwater for three minutes without drowning. 

You can increase the duration by distilling Redstone dust creating the potion of water breathing plus this makes the potion last for eight minutes.

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