Real Reason Why Social Media was Down!

Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram Down. For everyone, the last few hours are very tough. The top 3 social media platforms are down for 6 hours. This is the biggest internet crash.

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And literally, everyone is switching the data on and off, asking their friends. And actually, Indians are using their 100 SMS a day. Even this was the time around night still people got impacted with that downtime.

Like everyone moved on to Twitter to check whether it is working or not? See how interesting this is Twitter tweeted “hello literally everyone!”. Even McDonald’s and other companies are creating.

Twitter's tweet after Facebook, whatsapp and instagram down

In this article, I am gonna break down what are the main reasons why these platforms are down for 6 hours. But the last 6 hours teach most people how dependent they are on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Only 0.01% of people will read the essence of this article till the end.

MEME on Social Media Down
FOR FUN (Entertainment purpose)

The reason why Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp was down 

These are the few hours when everyone was worried about why these apps are not working. Many people were stuck in some situation. Where they have to message or to send an important file to someone but they can’t do it. 

Moreover, Mark Zuckerberg lost around 7 billion valuations in just 6 hours, and even their share drops by 5%. See how interesting this is. Many people are saying that this could be done by hackers. But Facebook is saying there is some misconfiguration in their DNS.

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Why were Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp down yesterday? 

Facebook has a server from which its employee cards are connected. Without the employer card, you can’t get into the server room to fix these problems. And the same thing happened with Facebook which is: The card can be accessed from their servers but their servers were down now how they can access the server room. That is the reason Why Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram Weren’t working.

Facebook said on the down

This is also very interesting that Facebook said That’s the problem with the DNS so-called domain name system. And only for knowledge for a few hours was available for sale. But actually, people can’t buy it.

fb for sale

As you can see in this image, this statement came from Facebook officials on their blog about the downtime of 

Something Interesting Happened while Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were down 

This little special and interesting thing happened when these apps were facing downtime and people couldn’t access them. 

Which is: when these apps are down then people suddenly move to Twitter and Twitter’s websites get slower. Even when I am going to do it I can’t do it for minutes. It just kept loading because the whole audience Moved to Twitter for a few minutes. 

Even Netflix and other companies are also sharing memes on that. 

The ESSENCE of Story 

What is the essence of this whole tragedy that happened? Basically for a short time, people are thinking deeply about their career and their responsibilities. 

And many people actually won’t come back to Instagram, WhatsApp just because they realized something deeply from their heart. 

In India when Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram went down, it was night but still, people got affected. When I woke up in the morning around 6 o’clock I checked my smartphone. I found that many people are tweeting continuously about Facebook being down, Instagram is down, WhatsApp is down! Etc. THIS ARTICLE IS ONLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE.

Fun fact: when these platforms were down I was sleeping. I found out about this in the morning when I checked my smartphone. Only 0.01% will come and their experience while these apps were down let me know before I end this. Scroll down to the bottom and let me know in the comments. 


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I hope this will be helpfull for you. You get some knowdlege about the down. it’s backdroid. Have a nice day

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