3 Reasons Why Can’t you Move Apps to SD Card!

Can’t Move Apps to SD Card? And Today I am gonna show you how to save internal storage android and also what are the reasons why you can’t move apps to SD card.

This is a common issue that most people get on their Android devices. Many people suffer from this but today I am going to show you the reasons why this is happening and Save the Internal storage.

Why Can’t I Move Apps to SD Card?  

There might be many reasons if you are unable to move apps to an SD card or external storage. 

I agree that devices have limited internal storage and when we bring an SD card especially for moving apps and you find that you can’t move apps to an SD card Right? and that’s what the worst part is! 

And here are the reasons why you can’t move apps to an SD card. And I have also guided you below the reason, how to save as much as internal storage just by using the three hacks.

Reason 1: Device Problem 

There might be some times when you can’t move apps to SD card because of your device compatibility with moving apps to external storage.

This thing has been faced by many smartphone users nowadays because the phones which are recently launching, don’t have support to move apps to memory cards. And one of the examples that I would like to give you is the Realme brand. Their smartphones don’t support moving apps to external storage until you make your SD card as internal storage by formatting it.

Reason 2: Developers Choice 

As Android developers, they have an option to not move their apps to SD cards. Because sometimes developers don’t want people to move their apps to external storage after installing them into the device there might be some reasons. They add Code in their app in such a way that we can’t move apps, which is: “android: installation” attribute in the <manifest> element.

On that note let’s move on to the third reason why can’t you move apps from internal storage to SD card.

Reason 3: Moving Wrong Apps 

As you all know we can move the big apps and games, even the small apps, to an external storage or so-called “memory cards”. But have you ever thought that if you could move the camera app to internal storage Or moving the Play store to internal storage this can’t be possible right? 

There are many pre-installed apps on all the devices which are necessary to be installed in the internal storage rather than an SD card. Because they don’t work well if they are installed on SD cards so companies don’t allow us to transfer their default apps to External storage.

Can’t Move Apps then Save Internal Memory

Now if you are thinking then how we could save our internal storage from getting full because when internal storage gets full that means your device will start lagging. And that’s one of the worst things. 

To save more Internal Space here are the steps that you can do that will save lots of space from your internal storage and move the files to SD card: 

To save your internal storage follow these steps which are given below

  • Change default download location to SD card
  • Also, change your YouTube’s download location to sd card.
  • Get into your camera settings and also shift storage settings to external storage.

Moreover, you can clear the cache of your device. And I would recommend changing all your default download locations to external storage. That will save you a lot of storage and this will also help you to use your SD card’s storage.

Moving apps & games to sd card 

And if you want to move the apps or the games to your SD card then you should follow the below procedure that will guide you on how to move apps and games to the Memory Card.

  • Open mobile settings 
  • Apps > Select any App
  • Here Tap in Storage option
  • Now Tap on Change Default Location > Tap on External storage.

This will help you to move your apps to external storage rather than storing them on internal storage.

Final Words 

If you are not able to move apps to an SD card then don’t worry just save your internal storage by changing their default location to the default download location. 

And today I will discuss the reasons why you can’t move apps and games to SD card and I even showed you how to save internal storage if you can’t move apps to external storage. 

I hope that this article will be helpful for you and let me know in the comments what you think? I would love to see your comments below so don’t forget to comment.

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