The Exact Meaning : Of ‘Red Dot Under Home Icon Instagram’

Do you see small red dots under the home icon on Instagram? 

Most probably yes! Do you know what the Red Dot on the home icon means on Instagram? 

And that’s what I am gonna tell you in this. What does Red Dot on home mean on Instagram? That’s our topic for today’s post. 

Without wasting any more seconds let’s dive in.

Red Dot Under Home Icon Instagram

Basically whenever you are using the app and you see a red dot on the home icon in the app that means: Instagram telling you that there is a new story to watch or someone uploaded a new post. 

So whenever you see A Red Dot on the Instagram home I can it means whether someone uploaded a new story or a new post. 

Because Instagram wants you to see all the new posts and stories so that’s why Instagram shows Red Dot on the home icon. A red dot appears Whenever there is a new post or story to see. 

I hope you got the answer to why the red dot is showing on the home icon on Instagram. 

That’s all from my side today. I have a nice day and bye-bye. 

Instagram Red Dot Under Home Button

Red Dot under the home icon on Instagram means, any person that you follow has uploaded a new post or uploaded a new Instagram story that’s what Instagram is notifying you with the Red Dot. 

For instance, yesterday I was resetting my Instagram explore page and then I saw a red dot on the home icon, I thought like what was it but I already knew what it is. 

I tap on the home I can and then I refresh the feed, so I get some new posts and then I get back to resetting the explore page.

After a couple of minutes again a red dot appeared and my friend uploaded a new Instagram story. 

This instance shows that Instagram notifies us with the Red Dot on the home I can if any person uploaded a new story or a post.

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