How to Remove Synced Contacts on Android (by Google & Gmail)

Here's a tutorial: Remove Synced Contacts on Android (by google-Gmail). A step-by-step tutorial. Includes all the screenshots and videos.
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Here’s how to remove Google (Gmail) synced contacts from android. You might have suddenly seen too many contacts loaded on your device just because you have added a new Gmail (google) account.

So, here’s how to undo it or delete google/Gmail synced contacts on any android.

A step-by-step tutorial with all the screenshots and videos.

How to Remove Google (Gmail) Synced Contacts from Android

Below sharing the straightforward procedure to undo the newly synced contacts on your device:

The first step is installing the Google contacts app; if you already have it, that is great. Now follow the steps carefully.

  1. Open the contacts app.
google contacts

2. Tap on a fix and manage.

google contacts app screenshot

3. Then select the settings.

google contacts app settings tab highlighted

4. In settings, scroll down. Select Undo changes.

google contacts app undo changes in settings

5. Select the time you want to remove the synced contacts here. The popup shows below the given time-lapse. Then hit confirm.

undo changes in contacts app
  • 10 Minutes ago.
  • 1 hr ago.
  • Yesterday.
  • One week ago.
  • Custom.

Note: This removes and deletes all your changes in the contacts app. Suppose you mistakenly synced (added) some contacts you don’t want to. Then you can undo those changes by going through the above changes.

Is it safe to undo changes on the Contacts app?

Yes, it is entirely safe because the app allows you to undo the changes you made. Select the time from which you want to undo the changes.

For instance, if you have synced the contacts on the last day, you can select “Yesterday” and confirm it.

Disable Contact Sync

There’s another way you can disable the sync for that google account in that manner next time. You won’t get all those contacts to sync automatically in the background.

Note: It is for the people who want to avoid the same thing happening shortly. 

For a detailed guide on it, read here.

  1. Open the Gmail app.
  2. Tap on your profile.
  3. Then tap Manage accounts on this device.
  4. Tap on your Gmail account.
  5. Select sync account.
  6. Turn off the contacts sync by toggling the blue button.

For instance, no contacts will be synced in the background when the sync button is turned off. It is like the permission for the device to get it synced.

What is the difference Between Gmail and Google Contact Sync?

Contact syncing for google and Gmail is the same. Because all the android google accounts are contacts, it’s the same for Gmail. When it’s on, it is on for both Gmail and Google. In the end, Gmail is a product of Google.

Summing up everything I wrote above in backdroid style.

To undo the synced contacts and to remove them, Open the contact app, get into the settings, then select undo changes. At last, please choose a time frame you have made the changes, then delete it.

To learn more about google’s contact app, read this.


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