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Now Get Water Out of Phone Speaker; Learn In 4 Simple Steps. In-depth Tutorial on, How to Remove Water from Phone Speaker. 2 Minute.
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Get Water Out of Phone Speaker: It’s not just you, many people suffer from this problem. Sometimes we become culprits for spilling water on our phones. Even if you were not Culprit, chances are some water got trapped into your phone’s speaker grill accidentally, and it resulted in muffled sound production. 

Don’t worry, we are here with 4 easy techniques that you could do right after water is stuck into the phone speaker. In today’s article, I am gonna teach you how to remove water from phone speakers and some advanced techniques to some beginner ones. 

One of my friends, Shreya, also suffered from this problem. When we were leaving a friend’s birthday party, I bike passed by. Suddenly her device dropped into the watered potholes.

That’s where the water went into the speakers. Before we……, I will share the master technique that works on her smartphone to get water out of the speaker above the CONCLUSION. 

How to Remove Water from Phone Speaker (Get Water Out of Speakers) 

These are some of the tried and tested methods that you could use if water went into the phone speaker or the phone’s charging port. In most cases when water goes into the speakers the sound is muffled. 

So quickly see some advanced techniques to Remove water from phone speakers. 

1. Sounds Plays a Great Role 

Actually, the sound plays a great role when the water goes into your phone speaker and your speaker is producing a muffled sound. 

There are lots of videos available on the internet, even some of the apps are available to remove water from the phone speakers. 

But if you don’t want to install an external application you could watch the below video tap on the video and play in the full sound. In that way, the water will start getting out of the speaker because of the high pitch and the high volume of that sound. 

Just play the above video to Get the water out of your phone speaker. 

However, this is one of the best things that I would recommend. If you want to try it, just download it from the button and you will be able to get rid of the water. 

app to remove water from phone speaker
Speaker Cleaner app uses sine wave sounds of predefined frequencies to remove water from the speaker. Sound waves cause the speaker to vibrate and shake off water stuck inside.

How to use Speaker Cleaner

  • Position phone in such a way that the speaker is facing DOWN.
  • Turn volume to the maximum.
  • Disconnect headphones if connected.
  • Click the button to start the cleaning process.

2. Relax and See, It Works DIY Technique 

Yeah, this technique is called relax and most of us see what happens in the phone speaker. We just get worried and think 24/7 about how to remove water from the Android speaker, get water out of the phone speaker without rice, Water in the phone speaker is muffled. These are some thoughts that get into our minds. 

So what you need to do to remove water from the speaker is place your phone at room temperature. Stand your smartphone into the position where the speaker is at the bottom. You have to place it for approx 24 hours to remove water completely. 

Don’t forget to check out the below step which is going to work right now. 

Some of you have Android Smartphones and are still thinking: How to get water out of your phone speaker Android. Stop thinking and start doing. 

3. A Website to Remove Water from Phone Speaker 

The Internet is the place where you will find millions and billions of types of websites. From which some of these are useful like this one this website could help you to get water out of the phone speaker easily. You can use this technique on any smartphone whether it’s Samsung realme oppo Vivo iPhone or any smartphone. 

This website is called I also use it. You have to press the button then A High-quality sound will play which will blow out the water from the speaker. And remember while playing the sound be alert. Because we are not in the habit of hearing that high-pitched volume. 

Remove water or eject water from speaker website

This website also helps you to remove dust from the phone speaker. And actually, I tried this and it works. 

Ultimate Method to Get Water Out of Device Speakers 

Ok, so this is the ultimate method. If nothing was then you should try this out because spending a few days with a muffled sound is not that easy.

Muffled sound is very disgusting whenever you are listening to songs playing on the free music player. It’s a little irritating. 

So to fix this problem as soon as possible you should visit a phone repair center. Where you can fix this problem permanently because your phone will be looked after by some of the train people will fix this problem and remove the water from the phone speaker. 

And always remember whenever there is a problem first try to solve it by yourself if nothing works by watching 2-3 videos or by reading articles if nothing works then you should visit the phone repair center at least once. 

Storytime! As I mentioned, one of my friends Shreya whose phone dropped into the water pothole and because of that water went into the speakers. What we did is just follow the second step. We put your phone in a position that I mentioned in step number 2 and because of that almost 70% of the water went out and the rest of the water went out by using the third technique. 

In which we open the website which we mentioned above and step number 3. Tap on that button and an extremely high-pitched volume played and blew out all the water from it. Now I am listening to it every day. Whenever she goes out nowadays she holds her phone so tightly. 


So that’s it for the tutorial. We are, a place where you will get all the best Android apps tutorials, how-tos, and the best games for Android.

To remove water from the speaker try placing the phone straight, remember the speaker should face down. 2nd use a high frequency sound that will push the water from the speaker. Although, you can use a computer vacuum which is used to take the dirt out from the keyboard. However, afterall you should wait at least 24-48 hours. These steps can be followed on all the phones like Android & iOS. SOo, follow the exact method to remove water from an Android or iOS device. 

In today’s tutorial, I showed you how to remove water from the phone speaker or how to get water out of the speaker with simple steps. And also without putting the phone into the rice. In India, there is a word which is known as “Jugaad” used to indicate DIY Hacks to save a lot of expenses.

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