How to remove widgets from Android or iOS (Home-screen) 2022

A New tutorial to Remove widget from Home-screen, Easy steps to delete widegts ; Android and iOS. This article will help you to Remove widget.
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This tutorial is about removing widgets from the Android or iOS home screen. Here’s the easiest way to remove any devices with a video tutorial. 

Removing widgets from the home screen on Android or iOS has almost gone through the same process. TO delete the widgets, follow the below-given tutorials with screenshots. 

how to remove widgets from home screen android or ios

Those screenshots are the most practical way to delete or remove the widgets.

How to Remove the Widgets from the Home screen of Android or iOS

This method to remove the widgets from the home screen can be followed on any android or iOS device. So, follow the following procedure to remove it.

  1. Get on the home screen first; where are the widgets you want to remove.
  2. So Press and hold on to it.
  3. It will unlock additional settings, whether it’s resizing or removing. So, tap on the remove button or, in some cases, move the widgets to the cross mark or remove/delete mark. And drop there. 
remove widget from homescreen

This is how to remove the widgets from Android or the devices from the iOS home screen.

As I mentioned, I will share a video tutorial to do this that is given below; I hope you found it helpful.

just for you gif backdroid

Short Video Tutorial to remove or delete widgets from the home screen

A Youtube Short video to remove the widget.

To Remove the Widgets from Homescreen, Tap and hold the finger on the widgets and tap on Remove/Delete button. And the Widgets will be removed.

Full Video to Remove Widget

I know; Deleting widgets doesn’t require that lengthy Article (blog post), but still…

Explaining it is my duty, so below is a little in-depth explanation of how to do it.

Further explanation for removing widgets

  1. Get onto the page (home screen’s page) where the widget you want to remove is.
  2. Then simply press it until it pops up and shows additional options.
  3. After it, Drag the device to the cross icon or tap on the remove or delete button.
  4. There drop the widgets to remove or delete button to remove it from the home screen,


How could you forget this?

Why use widgets, and Is it useful.?

Why am I asking such a question? IF you don’t ignore that, then you’re in top 1%.

before you go back

Summary; To remove widgets from the Home screen

To remove the Widgets from the Homescreen of Android or iOS, Follow this: 

Get to the smartphone’s home screen> Long press on Widgets > Tap on the Remove button or Drag and Drop the widgets on the delete or remove icon with a cross or a dustbin.

Keep in mind, in some smartphones like Samsung, It shows the remove with a dustbin icon when you long press and hold the widget.

But in older phones, to remove widgets dragging down to delete or remove section can be a good option.

Take a look at this Samsung smartphone screenshot. It only shows the remove button to remove the widgets from the home screen.

delete widget from homescreen

So, What we learned is “How to remove a widget from Homescreen” Or the “Best way to delete widgets.”

At last, Here’s what you ingnore!

I hope it will be helpful. I tried to explain to you in the best way possible to know the steps to remove the widgets. We have already created a dedicated Article on widgets that show What are widegts or is it harmful or not?

If you want to read it, > Click here.

Other than that, That’s all I want to share. Have a nice Day.

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