Instantly Restart Phone Without Power Button: Ultimate Guide

Oh! Oh! Are you thinking about restarting your phone without the power button? Maybe your power button sucks or is not working for either your smartphone got a system failure. This tutorial will help you to restart phone without using power button.

Now you don’t need to worry because this tutorial will 100% help you to restart your phone without power button even without touching it, stay tuned!

You can use these techniques on any smartphone whether it’s Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Realme, or even the OnePlus.

How to Restart the Phone Without Power Button 

There are few things that you need to figure out before performing any task, like is your device shut down or not? If your device is turned on or off this tutorial is gonna help you, nowhere we got.

Let’s dive into the post

1. Smartphone’s battery life 

This happens to me many times when I forget to check my battery status. After few hours my phone shutdowns and I thought “what happens to my phone” and there are many questions in my mind like “why my power button is not working” 

restart phone without power button

But in the end, I realize that my battery is completely drained. So check your smartphone battery status just by plugging in the charger and wait for a few seconds and the battery will start charging and start showing you how much it has been charged.

2. The Scheduled to get things done 

If you are wondering how to restart your smartphone when it is turned on and your power button is not working then this will definitely help you.

What you need to do in order to set a schedule to turn on-off your phone.

What is Schedule Power On/Off?

Basically, scheduling means setting a particular timing for a device to turn on auto turn off. Use the Schedule power on/off feature to power your device on and off at set times in order to save battery and prevent interruptions while resting.

Now here is how to set a schedule to turn on or off your device at particular timing. 

  • Open your mobile settings
  • And find automatic on and off for schedule on-off
  • Now add both of the timers to turn on your device and also to turn off your device
  • And save the settings and done.
automatic on and off

And here is a thing that you need to remember before setting an automatic turn-on and off timer for your smartphone.

Which is when you setting it to turn off timer then also you need to set it on timer because at the moment when your power button is not working and you need to restart your smartphone then you must set power on the timer otherwise your phone won’t restart automatically until your power button starts working so that’s why I set to power off timer and also with that said if power-on time, that works well.

3. Using a Third-party app

To restart your phone without using the power button you can use any third-party app downloaded from Google Play Store but wait before going to the play store. You need to understand that there are thousands of fake apps available on the site that won’t work.

third-party app to restart phone

Download this app. 

“Breathes new life into devices having defective Power key. Power button not working, No worries, Turn off (Shutdown), Restart, etc using system default Power Menu UI.” .

App makers

So for this, I have tried and I have it that works on my device and I hope that will work on your device and here is a download of the app. You can go there and download it.

When you turn on this app you will get a virtual power button to restart your device or turn on or off your device without using the power button.

virtual power button android

And this has too many positive reviews also with a 4.1-star rating. 

These are the three things that you can try when your power button is not working. Here is the last thing that you can do and it is one of the most ultimate things.

4. Find the one 

If all of the techniques didn’t work for you here is the ultimate solution. 

And the solution is to find someone who can repair your smartphone in your locality. Because a profession is a list is a professional who can fix your device issues whether it’s your power button or your whole device should try to find someone who can fix this issue.

Because there are many times when we can’t fix an issue by ourselves and we need help and taking someone’s help is not a bad decision.

When something goes wrong and you can’t fix it, ask for help because ultimately your motive is to fix things, and to fix it you need to find a person who can help you with your current device problem.

Why is the power button not working on my smartphone? 

Basically, there are few reasons why your budding button is not working. It is because of any technical issue in your smartphone’s hardware, any software update that you did recently, your phone is lagging, that’s why it’s not working.

So that’s it for today yesterday I told you 3 ways to restart your smartphone without the power button or without using the power button.

I hope these three techniques will help you to restart your smartphone without using the power button. If you have any queries related to this topic let me know in the comments I will reply within 48 hours. 

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