Samsung Fast Charger Not Working : Fix it Using this Method!

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A fast charger not working on a Samsung phone is just like a terrible dream. First, when you see that the fast charger is not working on Samsung you will be shocked. Secondly, you have a question why the fast charger is not working on your Samsung phone? 

Fast charging allows you to charge your phone in a very short time and you would be able to enjoy the day. But the worst case is what will happen if Samsung fast chargers stop working or Samsung fast charging does not work so that’s why this article has been created.

Samsung Fast Charger Not Working: Easily Fix Using these 5 Steps!

I promise by reading the whole tutorial from start to end you will be able to fix Samsung fast chargers not working with the four easy solutions or you can say hacks that you can implement right on your phone.

1. Turn Off Power Mode

When your device’s power-saving mode is on it’s quite possible that the reason why the fast charge is not working on your phone. So try turning off the power saving mode because what it all does is it will slow down the process of fast charging so it will not be a fast charger. 

So turn off the power saving mode on Samsung and in that manner you have a little possibility of charging your phone back to full speed.

Full speed brings me to another very crucial point.

2. Clean Phone’s Charger Socket & USB

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Most Samsung or any device user makes the mistake which is not cleaning their device regularly. 

One of my friends called “pottery” always keeps his charger dirty and one day when it stopped working so we all were taunting him. 

At last, we tell him to clean his charger like the USB point of the charger, the charging socket of the smartphone. Because last time when the water got into a Smartphone and the sound was muffled he tried the exact thing. 

Anyways, what you need to do is to clean your charger from the USB point to the power-point of your phone. Here I am linking a video that you could easily watch and follow to clean the phone charger. 

Now the third very important point to fix Samsung charge is not working. 

3. Restart Phone

Restart Phone

Being daily users of Smartphones most humans make the mistake of not restarting the device and then restarting themselves but forget about their most expensive thing which is the smartphone. 

So if the Samsung fast charging stops working try restarting a device several times. Moreover, boot the device into safe mode and then reboot again into the normal mode and that will increase your fast charging significantly

Believe it or not, that’s too genuine a trial and tested method. 

4. Clean the Cache

cleaning cache of all apps

Most Samsung phones are based on Android and Android has a tendency to store all the cache data and it keeps collecting and collecting.

Which makes the smartphone super bulk in terms of storage which results in many issues like fast charging not working or Android charging in reverse.

To fix Samsung faster, you have to clear the cache of your smartphone. We have already created the guide you can click here to read it.

6. Change Power Outlet

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You might have a particular point for charging a smartphone where you usually preferred to charge your smartphone right? 

Try changing the location to charge your smartphone from any other power socket.

Because sometimes it’s not the device for not charging at all but it’s the power board power socket which results in fast charge not working Samsung. 

Try changing the power socket where you usually charge the device. 


These are the main methods that you can easily apply to your Samsung smartphone to fix the Samsung charger not working instantly.

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