Samsung’s Origin; Belongs to which country, Chips, First Phone

Many of you wanted to know n about the band “Samsung”. You might have many questions like which Samsung belongs to which country, where are Samsung factories located, Samsung chip manufacturing, and as well as the founder & CEO of Samsung.

Moreover, I Had mentioned Samsung’s first-ever phone. You will be surprised.

So, Let’s start this article. Gradually we are gonna look into the topics that we recently discussed above. 

Samsung’s Origin; Samsung belongs to which country?

The Samsung brand belongs to South Korea. It’s a multinational manufacturing conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea. Although Samsung started as a small trading company with over forty employees located in Su-dong, now Ingyo-dong. They mainly dealt in dried fish and locally-grown groceries, even noodles. 

Moreover, Samsung tried many things in their business whether it was dried fish, noodles, or even woollen mills. But gradually Samsung diversified into many different areas. Lee sought to establish Samsung as a leader in a wide range of industries. Samsung moved into lines of business such as insurance, securities, and retail.

Years after, Samsung entered into the Electronic industries and started the Samsung Electronics Devices, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung Corning, and Samsung Semiconductor & Telecommunications, and made the facility in Suwon. Samsung’s first electronic products were a Black and white TV set. 

Let’s Back to our main question: Samsung’s Origin or does Samsung belong to which country? So Samsung brand belongs to South Korea, A Multinational manufacturing headquartered in Saming Town, Seoul, South Korea. 

Where are Samsung Factories Located? 

The Samsung factories are located in South Korea, Where most of the “S ” series were made. And Samsung has many other factories as well, like; Giheung, Hwaseong, Xi’an, Suzhou, Austin. 

Samsung’s Information 

Company NameSamsung (In Romain-samseong (samseong) )
Founder of Samsung Lee Byung-chul
Founded Year 1 March 1938
Samsung Headquarters 40th floor Samsung Electronics Building, 11, Seocho-daero 74-gil, Seocho District, Seoul in South Korea.
Products OfferedClothing, automotive, electronic components, medical equipment, semiconductors, solid state drives, DRAM, flash memory, ships, telecommunications equipment, home appliances.
Manufacturing Centres Giheung, Hwaseong,Xi’an, Suzhou, Austin. 

Samsung Chip Manufacturing

Samsung recently announced that they will make their Chips in Taylor, Texas. The South Korean technology giant plans to build a $17 billion plant here. To make the Chips.source: WSJ

Samsung First Smartphone 

Below are some early days phones that come from Samsung. See the full list with images below. 

SH-100 Samsung’s First Phone

Technically it is now the beginning but that’s the start line where Samsung built SH-100 back in 1988. This phone is related to Korea. 

That’s how Samsung started its smartphone manufacturing. But now he’s the king. We all know How good their phones are. 


Now I hope that all your queries are being solved. Let me sum up everything that I mentioned in this article. It’s, Kunal Kashyap, Founder of

So, Samsung belongs to South Korea. They have several manufacturing facilities globally. The company was founded by Lee Byung-Chul in 1938. Their first ever phone was the SH-100. Though Samsung is not a Chinese brand.

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