Sandes App: Review, Download link, Features

Here I coverd everything like Sandes App Review, Download link, how to download Sandesh/Sandes and it's Features.

Sandes app India’s own WhatsApp like messaging app that can replace the WhatsApp Messenger.

Now I am here to review it completely. It’s pros and cones how to download it and everything that you need to know about the Sandes app.

From the last few weeks the WhatsApp privacy policy has created a hype in the market and everyone has a question: should we use WhatsApp? Is WhatsApp safe? Is there any alternative to WhatsApp ? that we can use.

What is Sandes App?

Sandes app is an Indian messaging app for Indians still it is not launched on Playstore but You can download it from there Official Website. Also Read: Secret Messaging Apps to Text anyone privately.

Sandesh App can beat WhatsApp but still now you should not compare the WhatsApp from India owns Sandes app .because when the FAU-G launched many people compare it from the pubg mobile india and it goes down in comparison to pubg mobile so it’s a sad thing.

I recommend you to not compare this app from WhatsApp because it is still in the development process Indian government is working on this app from August 2020.

How to download the Sandes app?

The Sandes app is officially launched for iOS mobiles like iPhone but still it didn’t launch on the Google Play Store but I have a solution. I will attach a download link of this app and you can download directly from their website. but here is advice for you don’t go directly to download because of some of its features that you should know before downloading it.

Features of Sandes App

Sandes apps came with many Features.

No Phone Number

This app doesn’t need a phone number to sign up like WhatsApp and you can sign up from your Gmail ID but remember that this will work only with the @ and it is not available for the public then you have to sign up form your phone number.


This app is completely easy to use and anyone can use this. If any non tech person (Who isn’t Interested in Tech) then You can understand it’s Features fastly because this app is made for Indians that’s why they keep it simple.

Chats & Groups

Yes! You can make groups of 3-7 and more people and also you can chat personally.

Different from WhatsApp

This app (Sandes) has a New feature called labels. Basically there are 3 Labels:

  • Priority
  • Confidential
  • Extras

So you can manage your message according to your Need.

Files & Media 

You can send any file like Video, music/audio, photo with text. 


You have probably heard about emojis but this app has G-Moji and that’s a New thing.

In this there are lots of stickers but all of them are Not With proper finish.

Cons of Sandes

There is a slight delay in the Messaging time. If i sended a message to myself and there is a 1-3 seconds delay but that’s not a big deal.

Sandes App Download Link

Here is the official sandes app that you can download right now! Don’t click on the link because you MUST know it’s Feature.

  • Download Now by searching GIMS Sandes App Download On Google.

Conclusion on sandes/Sandesh App

Overall sandes is an Amazing app in fact you can di video calls and voice and I didn’t expect this. Many people are Mis-pronouncing it Sandesh app but it’s Sandes App.

Here I coverd everything like Sandes App Review, Download link, how to download Sandesh/Sandes and it’s Features.

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