Save Data Android; 4 Secret Methods to Reduce Data Usage

Save Mobile Data Android: this is the era of the internet where the internet is a bridge to connect one person to another. On the other hand, every day the data consumption has increased. 

Apps are taking more mobile data. And the problem is we have limited mobile data. So in today’s article, I am going to break down How to Save Data on Android. And you can save up to 57% of your mobile data just by applying 4 simple steps that nobody else knows.

There is something really interesting from the past few Years: the data consumption has increased from 48% to 53.6 percent worldwide. 

Thanks, you came on Backdroid ;), let’s move on to the actionable steps that you can follow to save mobile data. 

How to Save Data in Android 

Above I already mentioned a few statistics from which you can see an increment in the data usage worldwide. Even years back, I was using 700 to 800 MB a day but now in 2021, I am using around 1.5 GB data to 2GB data a day. 

Let’s move on to Steps! 

1. Turn On Data Saving 

In most Android devices there is an option for data saving mode. Which reduces image quality automatically in most of the apps. And surprisingly it works in every app like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook it will automatically reduce the image quality and even the video quality itself. Imagine how useful it is when it comes to saving mobile internet. 

data saving on android

To turn on data saving > get into settings > SIM card & mobile data > Data usage > Data Saving > Turn it on. But turning on data saving you can save up to 43% of your total mobile data a day. For instance, suppose if you are consuming 1.5 GB of data a day but when you turn this on we can save 500MB now your total data consumption was 1 GB and you saved 500MB. 

On the data saving no let’s move on to the second useful step which everybody should know if they want to save mobile data. 

2. Limiting the Usage 

Wait a minute there is a story about one of my friends which is a little bit strange, I don’t know why but it’s a real story

Have you ever seen a gamer who always plays a game day tonight? Why he is playing that much is his stuck into the loop of repetition. One of my friends is just like that game, always playing video games from morning to night. 

Now, what are the steps that you would recommend him to follow if you want to live that giving habit? 

The question is simple: what are the steps that you would suggest to him to stop his gaming? 

You might suggest limiting it day by day. Suppose if he is playing it for 6 hours a day then you would suggest he play 5.30 hours a day. Gradually decrease the timing. Right? 

And that is the exact thing that we need to follow. You just have to limit the data usage just by getting into the settings and setting the mobile data limit. We can set daily and monthly limits. So in my case, I limited my data consumption to 1.5 GB of data a day. 

limiting data usage android

3. Watch in 360-480p 

We all are Android users right and we all like to watch videos on YouTube and reels on Instagram. But actually, there is an option to switch the quality from 140p to 1080p both options are available. And most probably people won’t pay attention to it.

So whenever you are playing YouTube videos just select 480p quality/resolution if your screen size is less than 6.5 inches. 

On that note let’s move on to the fourth step which is the main answer to your question which is how to save data on Android.

4. Turn on data saver in Instagram, YouTube 

cellular data saving instagram

Data saving on youtube app

Do you know that there is an option on Instagram and YouTube to save data? Most people don’t know about it. This is the secret setting that I recommend to my cousin’s sisters because the data consumption is so high that the Wi-Fi bill is increasing every month. 

So just turn on the data saver in Instagram and YouTube here are the screenshots of it you can just get into the general settings and turn on the data saver in Instagram on YouTube both of the apps.

Hopefully, that’s it for today! Today I should follow the four steps that you should follow if you want to save data on Android. Above I already mentioned the data consumption you can see from 2017 to 2019 the data consumption increased by 5% worldwide.

last 30 days data usage
My Last 30 Days Mobile Data Usage

Let me know in the comments what your data consumption is and I will share my data consumption just below this paragraph. It’s the actual screenshot of the last 30 days. You can tag me on Instagram @backdroidcom with the screenshot. 

I hope I helped you today with this article. 

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