3 Easy Hacks to Save Data on YouTube App (today)

Here are ways to save data while using the YouTube app or watching videos.
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Save data on YouTube: We all like watching YouTube Videos, but It consumes too much data. Because of that, we can’t use any other app.

Whenever I open my YouTube app, YouTube starts suggesting the Videos that I like to watch. Then I started watching videos after realizing I had used 50% of my Data. ;( At last, I regret.

But you don’t need to regret it because this Post can help you save 56% of Data Usage! In other words, “How to Save Data on YouTube.”

Here is a Fact:

YouTube Consumes 14.50 MB per minute (720P).

This chart will show you the Data consumption by YouTube

Youtube Data Usage Per Minute Chart

144p1.90 MB
480p7.70 MB
720p14.50 MB
1080p27.61 MB

5 + 4 Ways to Save Data on YouTube while Watching Videos

This is a tutorial to save data on the youtube app.

Step 1: Y.G.O Technique

Y.G.O is the latest technology that helps you save the maximum data without missing any videos.

You might think that what I am talking about? And what is the Y.G.O. technique to save my internet data?

Y.G.O stands for Youtube GO! You got it!

YouTube GO

YouTube is the best platform to watch your favorite videos with minimum data consumption. YouTube Go was officially launched by youtube in 2018.

This app is for all users with low-end devices, and I am not telling you you have a low-end device or a poor internet connection. I am telling you that this app is launched for all users who don’t have sufficient internet speed or internet data.

If you bought a new device recently returned, this app is not available in Play Store, but here is a download link to this YouTube Go app. You can download it from here or visit its official website, YouTubego.com.

Download it: YouTube go

Step 2: Off it

Save Data on YouTube

Sometimes we forget to turn off the Internet; because of this, our data is consumed by all of these WhatsApp and YouTube in the background. That causes enormous data consumption without your permission.

A Month back, when I was using my phone, I recently realized that I had an urgent task to do then. I go to the market and forget to turn off the Internet. Because of that, all of my data was consumed because, in the background, there are two or three Downloaded videos from Youtube in 720p, and those Videos start refreshing…

Therefore, turn off your internet whenever you are not using it to save your data.

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Step 3: Quality over Quantity

Quality or quantity is the best method to save all your Internet data. Whenever I want to use YouTube, I use this exact technique to save around 417 MB daily

YouTube video quality

It’s around 50% of my total data!

So basically, you have to watch any video, then you have to minimize the quality. If you are watching a YouTube video in 720p, then you have to change it to 480 p because, in  720p and 480p, there is a slight difference which doesn’t matter if you want to watch more videos, then you have to minimize the quality. 480p is an average watching ratio.

Here is a Fact, More than 54% of people watch YouTube videos in less than 360p or 360p.

Poll for Youtube ( Trakin Tech)

This fact is from Trakin Tech

Step 4: Music 144p

Sometimes I like to play music on my speaker by connecting to my phone. Then I usually go to YouTube, search for a particular song, and then play it, but here is the exact problem.

When we play music from YouTube at 720p or 480p, the data consumption increases by about 13%, but don’t do this if you want to listen. Then you can go with 144p or 360p. 5 Greatest Free Music Player Apps for Android 2022

This technique will indeed reduce all your data consumption.

Step 5: Limit data Usage on YouTube

sometimes when you play any YouTube video, it will automatically turn from 480p to 720p because the limit data usage setting is not turned on. If you want to turn it on, here are the steps to turn your limited data usage on

  • First, Open the YouTube app and go to the settings.
  • Second, go to the general settings of YouTube.
  • Then you will see the option limit data usage, tap it, and turn it on.

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This is how you can save data on YouTube

More ways to save data on YouTube App

On YouTube, muted playback helps you watch the beginning of the video from your homepage without opening it. If it is on, it will automatically play videos from your browser page, or you can say in the browse feature.

1. Disable muted playback

YouTube’s muted preview feature automatically plays a few seconds of videos as you scroll through your home page or subscribed feeds. Although the audio is muted, data is still consumed during this process. To save additional data, head to your YouTube settings and disable the option for Muted playback in feeds.

To disable muted playback on the YouTube app:

  1. Open the YouTube app.
  2. Tap your profile icon.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Look for “Muted playback” or “Autoplay.”
  5. Toggle off the option.
  6. Exit the settings.

With muted playback disabled, videos won’t play automatically with muted audio, helping you save data while browsing.

YouTube settings

2. Disable autoplay

YouTube’s autoplay feature automatically plays the next video in a series, consuming additional data without your direct input. To save data, disable autoplay by toggling the option off on the watch screen of any video. This simple adjustment ensures that you have full control over your data consumption.

turn off autoplay from youtube app highlighted

To disable autoplay on the YouTube app:

  1. Open the YouTube app on your device.
  2. Tap on your profile icon located at the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Look for the “Autoplay” option.
  5. Toggle the switch to turn off the autoplay.

By disabling autoplay, videos will no longer automatically play one after another, giving you more control over your data usage and preventing unwanted videos from starting without your consent.

3. Utilize Wi-Fi for streaming

Whenever possible, connect to a Wi-Fi network to stream YouTube videos. You can enjoy seamless playback without worrying about excessive data usage by utilizing Wi-Fi instead of cellular data. Check your settings and ensure that the “Play HD on Wi-Fi only” option is selected to optimize data usage further.

4. Download videos for offline viewing

If you’re a YouTube Premium user, use the offline viewing feature. By downloading videos while connected to Wi-Fi, you can enjoy them later without consuming your cellular data. This convenient option ensures uninterrupted access to your favorite content, even offline.


How much data does youtube use 144p?

If you play a youtube video in 144p for a minute, it will consume 1.90MB. So, 1.90 MB of data is used by youtube for playing a video in 144p for a minute.

How much data does youtube use 240p?

If you play a youtube video in 240p for a minute, it will consume 2.70MB. So, 2.70 MB of data is used by youtube for playing a video at 240p for a minute.

How much data does youtube use 360p?

If you play a youtube video in 360p for a minute, it will consume 4.40MB. So, 4.40 MB of data is used by youtube for playing a video in 360p for a minute.

How much data does youtube use, 480p?

If you play a youtube video in 480p for a minute, it will consume 7.70 MB. So, 7.70 MB of data is used by youtube for playing a video in 480p for a minute.

How much data does youtube use in 720p?

If you play a youtube video in 720p for a minute, it will consume 14.50 MB. So, 14.50 MB of data is used by youtube for playing a video in 720p quality for a minute.

How much data does youtube use in 1080p?

If you play a youtube video in 1080p for a minute, it will consume 27.61 MB. So, 27.61 MB of data is used by youtube for playing a video in 1080p quality for a minute.

Does watching youtube use data?

Yes, watching videos on youtube requires an internet connection and consumes data. For instance, playing a video in 480p for a minute will consume 7.70MB. And with the increasing video quality respectively, data consumption also increases. 

11 Ways to Save Data on the YouTube App

Apply these 5 Secret technique to Save data on YouTube

Here are 11 ways to save data on the YouTube app:

  1. Connect to Wi-Fi networks whenever available.
  2. Enable Data Saver mode in the YouTube app settings.
  3. Download videos for offline viewing while connected to Wi-Fi.
  4. Reduce video quality settings to lower resolutions like 480p or lower.
  5. Limit background data usage by restricting YouTube’s background activity.
  6. Disable autoplay to prevent automatic playback of videos.
  7. Turn off the option for muted playback in feeds to save data.
  8. Use YouTube Go, a lightweight version of the app designed for data savings.
  9. Keep the YouTube app updated to benefit from performance improvements and data-saving features.
  10. Monitor and manage your data usage by checking the app’s data usage settings.
  11. Consider using third-party apps or browser extensions that offer data-saving features for YouTube.

YouTube App data consumption per hour

Video QualityData Usage per Hour
144p0.1 GB
240p0.3 GB
360p0.7 GB
480p1 GB
720p (HD)2.5 GB
1080p (Full HD)4 GB
2160p (4K)7 GB

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So here is the end of the post, and I showed you the top 5 ways to save your data on YouTube. If you follow these exact steps, then it can save your data by around 30% easily.

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