How to Save Data on YouTube (Android)

Save data on YouTube: We all like to Watch YouTube Videos but It consumes too much data because of that we can’t use any other app.

Whenever I open my YouTube app, YouTube starts suggesting me the Videos that I like to watch. Then I started watching videos, After I realised that I used my 50% Data. ;( At last I regret.

But you don’t need to regret it because this Post can help you to save 56% of Data Usage! In other words “How to Save data on YouTube“.

Here is a Fact that :

YouTube Consumes 14.50 MB per minute (720P)

This chart will show you the Data consumption by YouTube

144p1.90 MB
480p7.70 MB
720p14.50 MB
1080p27.61 MB

5 Ways to Save data on YouTube while watching Videos

This is an tutorial to save data on youtube app.

Step 1: Y.G.O Technique

Y.G.O technique is the latest technique which helps you to save the maximum data without missing any videos.

You might think that what I am talking about? And what is the Y.G.O technique to save my internet data?

Y.G.O stands for Youtube GO! You got it!

YouTube GO

YouTube is the best platform to watch all your favourite videos with the minimum data consumption. YouTube GO is officially launched by youtube in 2018.

This app is for all the users who have low end devices, I am not telling that you have a low end device or a poor internet connection. I am telling you that this app is launched for all of those users who don’t have the sufficient internet speed or internet data.

If you bought a new device recently returned this app is not available for you in Play Store but here is a download link of this YouTube go app you can download it from here or you can go its official website

Download it: YouTube go

Step 2: Off it

Save Data on YouTube

Sometimes we forget to turn off the internet and because of this our data is consumed by all of these WhatsApp, YouTube in the background. That causes a huge data consumption without your permission.

A Month back when I was using my phone and recently I realise that I have a urgent task do then I go to the market and forget to turn off Internet and because of that all of my data was consumed because in background there are two or three Downloaded videos from Youtube in 720p and those Videos starts refreshing..

Therefore Make sure to turn off your internet whenever you are not using it to save your data.

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Step 3: Quality over Quantity

Quality or quantity is the best method to save all your Internet data. whenever I want to use YouTube and I use this exact technique to save around 417 MB in a day

YouTube video quality

It’s around 50% of my total data!

So basically you have to watch any video then you have to just to minimise the quality. If you are watching a YouTube video in 720p then you have to change it to 480 p because in  720p and 480p there is a slight difference which doesn’t matter if you want to watch more videos then you have to just minimise the quality. 480p is an average watching ratio.

Here is a Fact that More than 54% of people watch YouTube videos in less than 360p or 360p.

Poll for Youtube ( Trakin Tech)

This fact is from Trakin Tech

Step 4: Music 144p

Sometimes I like to play music in my speaker by connecting my phone to it. Then I usually go to YouTube and search for a particular song and then I just played it but here is the exact problem.

That when we play music from YouTube in 720p or 480p the data consumption increases about 13% but don’t do this if you just want to listen to the music then you can go with 144p or 360p. 5 Greatest Free Music Player Apps for Android 2022

This technique will surely reduce all your data consumption.

Step 5: Limit data Usage YouTube

sometimes when you play any YouTube video it will automatically turns from 480p to 720p because the limit data usage setting is not turned on and if you want to turn on here are the steps turn your limit data usage on

  • First,Open YouTube app and go to settings
  • Second, go to general settings of YouTube
  • Then you will see option limit data usage tap on it and just turn it on

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This is how you can save data on YouTube

Here is the another thing that can save data on YouTube:

In YouTube there is an option called autoplay muted, this option helps you to watch the beginning of the video from your homepage without opening it, if it is on it will automatically play videos from your browser page or you can say in the browse feature.

  • Go to the general YouTube settings
  • Then you will see a option of muted playback just turn it off and it will save you lots of data
YouTube settings

Conclusion: Save Data on YouTube

So here is the end of the post and I showed you the top 5 ways to save your data on YouTube. If you follow these exact steps then it can save your data around 30% easily.

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