Save Upto 47% Data While Watching Netflix

In today’s time, along with social media, the trend of OTT has also increased a lot. Along with watching movies, people like to watch their favorite shows and movies on these OTT platforms sitting at home. These platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are paid but at the same time, they also use up a lot of your data in streaming. Today we are going to tell you some such tips by which you can save your mobile data while using Netflix.

Test Data Speed ​​on Netflix Account

Users coming to Netflix have the option to select data settings separately for each account. Also, you can also check your data speed on Netflix itself. You go to the menu on the app, select the option of app settings and go to ‘Diagnostics’ and then test your data speed from here.

Make changes in data settings like this

Let us tell you that you can also change the data settings on Netflix. To do this, first go to the app settings, go to video playback and select data usage, adjust the ‘download data settings’ and then choose the settings of your choice. Netflix gives its users the option to choose from four settings – Automatic, WiFi Only, Save Data and Maximum Data.

Adjust Video Quality

The best way to save internet while watching Netflix is ​​by adjusting the video quality. If you are watching Netflix and you want to save your mobile data, then for that you need to reduce the quality of your videos. The better the quality, the more data is used, so if there is a need to save internet, reduce the video quality.

By following these simple steps, you can save internet while watching Netflix and can also watch your favorite shows and movies without any interruption.

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