View Saved Wi-Fi passwords on Android without root or QR – 3 Easy ways

See the Saved WiFi password; without root or QR code. You can follow this on Any Android device. To View connected wifi password.
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Is there any saved WiFi password on your android & you want to see its password? Here’s what we are doing.

Today we’ll show you a STEP-by-step procedure to View saved wifi passwords on android without rooting, Yes without rooting!

view saved wifi password android

There are many sites on the top previously which are saying download WPA Wps tester but, trust me it’s not gonna work without rooting, So, here’s what you need to do in order to View saved wifi password without root Android or To see the saved Wi-Fi password without QR code too.

How to View Saved Wifi Password without Root (Android)

Below is the process or tactics that I previously used to know my friend’s wifi saved password. Yup, I really do that, & he used to change the password every week.

Steps To View Wifi Saved Password Without Rooting Android

So, Firstly you need an app, don’t worry it runs without root!

thank god meme

Then follow the below steps, remember we make these kinds of informative articles, make sure to remember us (Backdroid) or Save this as a bookmark!

The best way to do it is here.

This method works without QR code. Many people are looking for an legit method to ;see wifi password on android without a QR code.

So, this is the thing to do when you can’t make a QR code to view the saved wifi pass.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Then tap on Backup & reset.
  3. Here backup the WiFi settings.
  4. Then open file manager > Phone storage > Backups folder.
  5. Then open the WIFI Config file with the Text viewer.
  6. Here’s the Saved WIfi password.

Backup of Wi-Fi configuration
Backup WIFI Settings.
File of Saved password of Wi-Fi
Check the phone’s backup folder & open this file.
Saved Wi-Fi Password
Here you’ll find Saved password of WiFi.

This is the easiest guide you follow. If you are willing to comment, I’ll make a video. Trust me, when you come back to this page the next day you’ll see a video for this exact tutorial on Viewing saved wifi passwords without rooting the phone.

This is the same version of saying “How to find WiFi password on the phone when connected” because what we showed today is the same as this; find WiFi password when connected.

Here’s the thing;

See WiFi Password Android With QR Code

its our secret gif

The only method left is to try to reset the Wifi router password or if it’s someone else’s then tell them to tell you the saved password.

I know they aren’t gonna tell you their password, it’s the same as the kings who don’t want their password leaked!!

On that note, One thing you can do is root your device, yes by rooting this functionality of viewing saved wifi passwords can be unlocked.

Remember that;

GREAT POWER COMES WITH GREAT RESPONSIBILITY! So, three are a lot of cons to rooting the device.

Iron Man.

That’s all from my side.

Here’s how to view saved wifi passwords without rooting the device.

  1. Open the WiFi settings.
  2. Connect to the network then Tap settings of it.
  3. Here generate a QR code of it.
  4. Download “APP” and Then scan the code.
  5. Tap on ‘Show WiFi password’.

However, these steps only work on very few smartphones including, samsung.

Above I already shared the secret sauce for that.

But wait, below are some FAQs that people are looking for on google but there’s no accurate answer for this. Enjoy the FAQs on Wifi Password Check Without rooting!

FAQs On Saved Wi-Fi Password

Q: I forgot my WiFi password but my phone is connected?

Ans: When you forgot the WiFi password but you’re connected then here’s a method to know the connected wifi password; Download the app called ‘XXXX’ then make a QR code of connected wifi then scan it using the app. At last tap on show password.

Q: How to retrieve a wifi password?

Ans: There are mainly two ways to retrieve the WiFi passwords, First, Whether to Root the device and then use such apps to retrieve the password. Or second, Try to use QR codes for devices to check the saved WiFi password.

Q: Wi-FI is connected, how to know the password?

Ans: So, when wifi is connected to the smartphone there are primarily two methods, First one is by rooting the device, or the second, by generating QR codes for the wifi passwords.

Q: How to know the password of connected WiFi?

Ans: To know the password of connected wifi whether you have to root your smartphone or can generate a Password QR code that helps to view the existing connected wifi keys.

Q: Is there any way to view saved wifi passwords?

Ans: Yes, there are mainly two ways to do that. First, by rooting the device and then using such apps that help rooted devices to view the saved wifi password or Second, By generating a QR code that helps to know the saved wifi password without rooting the device.

Q: How to know the connected wifi password on mobile?

Ans: So the best way to know the password of connected wifi is by generating a QR code for it and last on scanning it with a wifi QR scanner app to know the keys.

Use File Explorer to Check Saved WiFi Password

  1. Open EX File Explorer
  2. Select the option “System” from the left navigation bar.
  3. Navigate to System > Etc >WiFi or Use search bar.
  4. Open file named “wpa_supplicant.conf“. Here, the file manager will ask you to select the desired method to open this configuration file. Then choose either “text file viewer” or “built-in HTML” as the option.
  5. This file contains all the saved Wi-Fi passwords on your Android device. Now you can see them after opening it.

PS; This has been taken from the internet from other posts. I hope it’ll be helpful.

That’s for today. Today I showed you how to view a saved wifi password without rooting any device like android, Samsung, or any other.

Hope that you found this article useful! Have a nice day.

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