Secret Messaging Apps 2022: Text anyone privately

Secret messaging apps: Have you ever thought about How safe your messages (texts) are? 

Wait a minute, This is the era of data and data is one of the biggest assets nowadays. 

In fact, according to The Economist, nowadays data is the most valuable thing, ahead of oil.

Because sometimes our messages consist of our password, PINs, IDs, and even more. So why not use the best and most secret texting apps or secure messaging apps. 

In today’s article, I am going to show you EXACTLY the Best Secret Text Apps/Secret Texting Apps that everyone should use for their privacy.

Let’s dive in:

5 Secret Messaging Apps : Now send texts privately using this!

Secret Tetxing and Messaging Apps

Here are the 5 best and the most secure messaging/texting apps that everyone should have who wants to share some confidential things with their friends or families.

Let me Quickly show you all the apps, In #Backdroid style!

These 5 apps can help you to have an private and secret conversation over texts:

  1. Signal Private Messenger.
  2. Privacy Messenger.
  3. Telegram.
  4. Calculator Pro+.
  5. Messages Lite.

1. Signal Private Messenger: secret messaging app

Do you remember the day when WhatsApp announced a new privacy policy and because of that everyone got shocked? Because WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps from kids to elders, Even my Grandfather is using it. 

Signal Private Messenger
The Secret messaging app!

And at that time Elon Musk tweeted a “signal”. Just one-word “signal”. After this tweet, this app starts getting downloads not because of the tweet, but because of its features. It’s an encrypted messaging app.

  • You can share anything because signal is an State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption (powered by the open source Signal Protocol™) that keeps your conversations secure.
  • Even though this app delivers your messages faster, I have been using this app for several months and it’s quite impressive.
  • This app doesn’t track our data like other apps.
  • And it is completely free to use without any ads and no tracking.
signal app features

I know using this app is a Win-Win situation where we are in profit.

Now everyone is not perfect so here are the cons of this app after using it for several months.


  • This app has poor quality of video and voice calls that means you can’t properly communicate.
  • Sometimes this app crashes on low end devices or you can say on mid range smartphones.
  • This app has poor quality of video and voice calls that means you can’t properly communicate.
  • Sometimes this app crashes on low end devices or you can say on mid range smartphones.

Here is How secure is Signal Private Messenger:

The overall signal is great that we can use to secure our chats and messages and it’s an end-to-end encrypted messaging app as we all know. So, Signal app can be your best app to use for secret texting.

Now here is another great app that can help you to save from snoopers. 

2. Privacy Messenger : Hidden Messaging App

private texting app

Privacy Messenger is a private messaging app that stores all your messages SMS/MMS locally which means the 99.99 % secret and secure messaging app. 

With this app, you can set a passcode for particular people with whom you are chatting with. 

Even this app has thousand plus HD wallpapers.

Wait what I said HD wallpapers? Really…? Here are the 5 best wallpaper apps for Android that you can use to get 4K HD wallpapers.

Let’s come back to the point. This app has more than a thousand plus HD wallpapers to set in the background of your chat that makes your conversation super glossy.

Privacy Messenger – you can send text messages safely with a feature called a private box that makes a conversation super secure.


Moreover, this app has an SMS blocker, even SMS backup & restores, and scheduled SMS! 

  • Secure messages: privacy messenger has a unique feature called private box which makes your text super secure.
  • You can customise the notification messages: suppose a person sends you any text message it will not show in the notification panel.
  • Really? scheduling messages: this app has a unique feature that helps us to schedule our text messages to send it automatically whenever it.
privacy messenger features

So that’s it. These are the bunch of features that I like about this app. Overall, it’s a great secure, secret messaging app that I tried in the past few weeks. Moreover, this app can be private chat app for lovers.

Cons of this secret texting app

  • There are a bunch of irrelevant ads. 

I didn’t use any lock or you can say lockscreen for my primary Smartphone and I tried this app on my primary smartphone. And once upon a time I went to a park after installing and completing the sign-up process, and then suddenly this app started in my pocket automatically (I know that this is not the app’s fault, but wait) and then an advertisement played which was about digestion and at that particular moment I felt so embarrassed.

Overall, it’s a great secure and secret texting app for Android that you can use but remember one thing: if you don’t use a lock then do use it otherwise you know my story;).

3. Telegram- Secret messaging app 

telegram a secret texting app

As we all know telegram is one of the best messenger/texting apps for Android and also for IOS users. 

But do you know that it is one of the secure and secret messaging apps that I personally use to get all the messages safely :} . Here’s the Android Apps.

This app has a bunch of advanced features that most of the apps lack. 

  • Telegram is an end-to-end encrypted and secure messaging app that we can trust on.
  • From our list this is one of the fastest messaging apps that I tried.
  • I love the animated emojis that are wonderful. 
  • To chat with someone you need a username, just username or their mobile number.
Telegram secret and private messaging app features

If you look at telegram messenger it is one of the competitors of WhatsApp Messenger and Signal Private Messenger. You can read here which is the best messenger for Android smartphone WhatsApp vs telegram vs signal.


  • The only CON that exists in telegram is the new user notification. Let me explain what the new user notifications are; basically when anyone from your contact joined telegram then it will popup a message head like “Backdroid has joined telegram”  “say hi to him” something like that.

Overall it’s a great app, In fact, I have been using this app on my smartphone for the past seven months and till now this app hasn’t disappointed me, even one percent.

Do you want to hide all your secret conversations behind a wall in that manner nobody will get it instead of you?

If yes then the next app will be the best for you.

secret text app

4. Calculator Pro+: best hidden texting app 

calculator pro plus secret messanging app

If you want to make your conversations private then this is the best app for that. Basically what this app does is when you add a contact into the private conversations whenever you receive a new text message it will automatically move into the app and you can see those texts only using the calculator pro + app.

It’s a totally hidden secret messaging app that hides all your messages and calls from that particular contact. 

The app concept is pretty simple: you have to enter a passcode into the calculator then a new window will pop up where all your new secret conversations are stored. And In case you want to hide apps on android then use this method.

  • Password protected screen,: this app has a password protected screen of calculator where you have to add that particular passcode and then it will open the private conversations box
  • Custom notification and icons: using this app you can set custom notifications for particular contacts and even you can set custom icons.
calculator pro plus app features

Ok these are the features of calculator Pro Plus a private secret messaging app but what about the drawbacks of this app are you can say the “CONS of Calculator Pro+”


  • First of all the app is not completely free whether you have to see ads or you can buy there subscription to remove ads
  • I used this app for weeks. There is a slight delay in sending and receiving the text messages and also sometimes I have to wait 4 to 5 hours to get a text message that I sent from another phone.

This app can be the best hidden messaging app for you! It has everthing for hidden texting.

5. Messages Lite: Secret text messages 

messages lite private text messages

If you are looking at the secret messaging app, you can say that this is one of the best messaging apps for Android. 

Believe me, this is the complete solution to organise all your SMS messages correctly! This app categorises all types of messages like it separates personal messages, promotional messages and spam messages. 

Hey, listen, want to text privately???

Then you don’t need to worry because this app is also a private text messenger that helps you to private some of your conversations and even you can send messages without internet instantly.

This is the greatest feature of this app: you can set an emoji passcode, which is a totally new concept that I found on this app and also you can set it as a simple passcode for your private conversations.

  • Private Messages: this app has a feature of secret chat and disappearing messages,  and you can even set an emoji passcode or a normal password for your secret conversations.
  • Voice messages plus effects: just by using this app you can send voice messages to your friend and also you can add multiple effects to your voice like a robot voice, man, woman’s voice, you can change your voice easily.
  • Custom SMS, ringtones: this app has different kinds of SMS ringtone that you can set for different peoples so you will be able to know whenever someone texts you without checking your phone who text you.
messages lite app features

Wait a minute… what I said ringtone right? Here are the 10 best ringtone apps for your Android device.

Now let’s move on to the cons of this app.


  • It is not a free secret messaging app but its and paid you have to to pay money to remove the ads
  • This app is not for the low end devices because I tried this on my old and low end device and the results are terrible. The app is not opening at all because the device gets older.

Overall, it’s an amazing and a new secret messaging app that I found on Google Play Store. This app has more than 4.8 stars of rating and 1 million plus downloads.

So that’s it for today guys today I showed you 5 best secret messaging apps for Android or you can say The Secret texting apps which are the most demanding thing right now.

Nowadays everyone wants a Hidden text app to chat privately with a lover, or with someone. That’s why I wrote this article. I hope you Like all these secret text applications & eventually they will help you in hidden chatting/private conversation.

And number 3 and fifth are my personal favourite apps.

Secret Messaging Apps that Look like Games


See every app has some advanced features and simultaneously have some cons, but what does matter Is the value that app is providing to us. So I showed you the 5 secret messaging apps for Android that you can use to text your friends privately.

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