How to See Old Instagram Bios 2022! With this 2 step process!

Recently a visitor asked how to see old Instagram bios. And this is the tutorial to check all your old Instagram bios. 

Believe me or not I recently checked all my old Instagram bios and I see how we grow from that point (2018) to today (2022). 

Check Old Bios on Instagram 2022

With this easy tutorial, you can easily check your old Instagram bios. There is an secret way to check someone else’s Instagram Bios (Given below). The Instagram allows us to only check all our old Instagram Bio is that we set it on our profile. 

So let’s get started.

How to See Old Instagram bio

Below is the easy-to-follow tutorial to check your old Instagram bio. Instagram BIOS is one of the things that we all love right? And checking the old one is fun. 

So let’s get started and check out how to see old Instagram bio or methods to check our old Instagram bio. 

  • 1. Hover Settings in App

    In the first step, you need to open the Instagram App then tap on your profile and then tap on the 3 bars on the top right-hand side.

  • 2. Select Security Settings

    So the second step is you need to tap on settings then you need to tap on security. In the settings select Security

  • 3. Tap in “Access Data”

    When you get into this menu you will find a few options. Here you need to select Access data. 

    On Instagram there is an option to access all the old data of an account like old username, password and how many times you logged in and many more. 

  • 4. Click on “Former Bio Texts”

    So in the access data menu, you need to scroll down and select on “Former bio texts“. Which means it shows all the changed instagram bio text.  


When you select Instagram bio all your old Instagram BIOS will be shown on a page you can click on the view more button to check out the older Instagram bio. 

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How to See Someone’s Old Instagram Bio

This is the method to check out all to check old Instagram bio. If you are thinking about checking others’ Instagram bio for others’ old Instagram bio then let me tell you one thing. 

It is not possible to check out anyone else’s old Instagram bio because Instagram doesn’t allow us. However, if the person is a celebrity or well-known person and has a lot of followers then you can see someone’s old Insta bio. 

In this scenario, you can check out his or her old Instagram bio. 

For instance, suppose you want to check out an Instagram bio of an open celebrity. I’m taking the example of Bill gates. 

So what you need to do is to go on “Wayback Machine” where you have to enter the profile URL and it will let you know old screenshots of that page. 

This is how you find out about other people’s Instagram old bio. I hope you found this useful. 

Today I teach you how to see old Instagram bio for how to see my own old Instagram bio. However, I have also taught you how to check other’s old Instagram bio. 

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