How to See When you Joined Instagram : Check the Join date & time 

Have you ever thought about when you created your Instagram account? Do you remember the date when you joined Instagram? 

Most probably the answer is no! 

But you don’t have to worry, why? 

Because today in this article I am gonna teach you how to see when you joined Instagram and you can check the date when you joined Instagram or created the Instagram account. 

Yeah, Instagram allows us to check the date when you created the Instagram account. 

In my case, I joined Instagram in 2018. Let’s find out yours! 

How to Check Instagram Join Date

Below is a procedure to check when you joined Instagram and how to check the date when you joined Instagram. 

  • 1. Open the App Settings.

    Open the Instagram app and get into the app settings. 

  • 2. Tap on Security.

    In settings, you need to scroll down and select the security tab. 

  • 3. Here select “Access data”.

    In the security tab you need to scroll down and again select the access data. 


When you tap on it the first thing you will notice is the profile creation date will be mentioned on the top. the date when you created the Instagram account. instagram join date

So this is how you can check the date when you join Instagram. This is the actual procedure that I used to see my Instagram join date. 

There were several times when you were curious to know when you joined Instagram audio friend after him and when you joined Instagram I joined in? 

And you were like; I don’t even know when I created my account. 

But now I showed you the method to check it. I hope it will help you to check out your profile creation date on Instagram. 

Not only that, Instagram provides us with more things like checking your old Instagram bios and many more. This website has all the tutorials and the things you can check out from here. 

I hope you found this article useful. If yes then make sure to remember as we are Instagram helpers. This website is completely dedicated to Instagram, tutorials, and FAQs. 

To Know When you Joined Instagram

Here I am summarising the whole article for the tech-savvy who wanted to know it as fast as possible. 

  • Open Instagram app settings. 
  • Select the security. 
  • Scroll down and tap on access data.
  • Here you will find your joining Instagram date. 

Isn’t it too easy? Yes, it is. 

Today I showed you the easiest way to see when you joined Instagram. 

Have a nice day and have fun. 

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