SFS Instagram Meaning | Full-Form SFS

SFS Meaning Instagram: This is the Instagram dictionary where I share the full form of various terms on Instagram. Today in this article I’m sharing the full form of SFS on Instagram and sharing what does sfs mean on Instagram?

SFS Meaning Instagram

SFS stands for “Shoutout for Shoutout”. This term is used between two influencers on Instagram when both wanted shoutouts. That’s why SFS is being used in Instagram texts or DMs. 

For Instance, If someone texts you SFS on Instagram that means he wanted a shoutout from your profile in exchange for that, the person will also give you a shoutout from his profile. 

This also happened to me, when I was new on Instagram. Someone said SFS, And I was like; what does sfs mean on Instagram? Then after a few while, I realised that SFS stands for Shoutout on Instagram. 

SFS Instagram Meaning | Full-Form SFS

The phrase SFS stands for Shoutout-for-Shoutout on Instagram. If someone texts SFS the person wants a shoutout in exchange for a shoutout. Generally, this term is being used by Instagram influencers. 

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