9 Games Like GTA [Feel Grand Theft Auto on Phone] 2022

Games like GTA for Android 2022 – Best open-world games like Grand Theft Auto can be found here. Impress your friends. Since the release of Android and GTA, GTA has grown its users for Android. The game has been downloaded on various platforms and even now, the users are searching for Games. This hike in popularity made the users look into various aspects of the game. Now, users are finding the Best games like GTA or you can say Similar games like GTA to look more cool.

9 Best Similar Games Like GTA 

Since the launch of GTA, it was only available for computers but with the evolving world and technology is evolving so fast that fast charging apps can charge your phone fast? But with evolving technology games are evolving for mobile users and Android users also.

Here is the list of all the nine games like GTA 5 for Android devices. There are lots of versions of Grand Theft Auto like GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA 3, GTA 4, and the most popular GTA 5 and if you are finding a game like GTA 5 then you should read it carefully.

In this article, I will also attach all the gameplay videos of these games that will help you to understand these games. 

1. Los Angeles Crime 

los angeles crimes

Los Angeles crime is a game just like GTA. It is everything that GTA v has, you can purchase properties, you have to complete missions, you have your phone and you can contact your friends or anyone you want.

Moreover, this game is not just a game that is similar to Grand theft auto but it’s a game that is open world. An open-world game means you have the freedom to do anything you want. You can go everywhere, buy anything you want, do whatever you want to do.


Game Type: Action, Action-Adventure, Offline, Single Player Stylized

2. Gunshot City 

gunshot city like gta

Gunshot City is an open-world game in which you have to complete various missions. This is exactly what you want. If you remember the games like GTA Vice City or any GTA game you will know how important it is to complete missions and gain your respect and if you read this post your respect will be + 10 times. This is the best game under 100mb.

They are the features of this game: you have the freedom to do anything you can buy cars or buy anything you want you can buy a coffee for yourself, complete missions, defeat enemies, and anything you want because it’s an open-world game and just like GTA.


Game Type: Action 

3. Grand Gangster Miami 

Grand Gangster Miami

This is the exact game or you can say a similar game like GTA. If you have ever seen GTA v or you have ever played GTA 5 then you know how good this game is. 

This game is just like GTA v where you have the freedom to do anything you want because it’s an open-world game for Android. 


Game Type: Offline, Action, Stylized, Action-adventure, Game like GTA

4. Auto Gangster 

auto gangster gta game

If you are looking for the best game like GTA which is under 50Mb then you should try this out. This game is just around 26 MB and believe me or not this game has stunning graphics in very low size. 

There are features of this game: it’s an open-world game like GTA 5, you can run cars and do whatever you want and also there are hundreds of missions in Liberty City, Vegas & San Andreas.


Game Type: Stylized, Action and Action-adventure 

5. Madout2 BigCity Online 

madout2 game android

This game is just like GTA because it has an open-world type feature and it’s a casual game that you can even play online. And one of the things that I like about this game is that it has extremely high graphics. It is around 500 MB and believe me it is worth the download if you are looking for racing plus an open-world action game which is like GTA. Use this Smart feature to Save storage.


Game Type: Offline, Competitive Player, Action, Action, Open World, Racing

6. Mad City 2 Open Sandbox 

Wait before you go down and find another game like GTA 5 but let me tell you one thing before that, this game is just like GTA 5 with the extremely high graphics and just for Android this game is still in the early access phase but you can download and play it I know there might be some bugs but believe me, the experience was going to be super amazing. 


Game Type: Action, Racing, Casual, Single Player, Offline, Early access 

7. Payback 2 

payback 2 a game like gta

Now your search is going to end for GTA-like games. Payback 2 is an awesome and open-world game in which you have the freedom to do anything you want from helicopters to battles, from racing to missions and to make friends or to buy cars.

This is an awesome game that is exactly like GTA. As I told you already that I will attach all the gameplay videos with them and here is the video of this video. You can see this video and let you decide what you want to download.


Game Type: Competitive Multiplayer, Stylized, Action, Action-Adventure, Single Player, Offline

8. GTA San Andreas 

If you are finding an open-world game that has lots of missions and exactly like GTA then again came from rockstar games which is San Andreas this game doesn’t mean any kind of intro as we all know GTA San Andreas is one of the most popular games in this history for computers but now this game is available for Android in just very cheap price. 

9. GTA Vice City 

This game has lots of memories. It is a game which is made by GTA and like GTA. If you look at the history, this game is 10 years old and still worth a lot of money. Let me tell you one more thing, this game is officially available on the Play Store from Rockstar games and you can download it just by paying some money. 


So that’s it for today guys I hope these are the Best games like GTA for Android I know there are lots of games available on the Play Store but most of them are not worth playing because the graphics are too low their views are to know that means the game quality was no that’s why I showed you today 9 GTA like games that will give you the exact feeling that GTA will gives you.

I hope you like today’s article. I hope this will be helpful for you. I would love to see your comments below which one you are going to download all you want to play and if you want any kind of help let me know the comments.

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