Set Speed Dial on Android; Easiest Way to use Quick Dial

How to speed dial on Android; speed dial is one of the most useful features that Android and even iOS phones have. 

But setting it up can be a little tricky.

But you don’t need to worry because in this article I am gonna show you how to set the speed dial on Android or how to use the speed dial on any Android device. 

Phones which are running on Android OS have almost similar UI when we take different brands. 

set speed dialer

I have a speed dial for my dad and a one-speed dial for my other phone which I forget every time ;). Jokes apart but this is going to be the easiest way to set up a speed dial on Android & Even on Google Phone App.. 

How to Use Speed Dial on Android

Below is the tutorial that will guide you on any Android device to set up or to use speed dial on Android. It can help you to speed dial any number directly by tapping on a particular keypad number.

  • 1. Open Dialer App

    Open your default dialer app. 

  • 2. Select Speed Dialer Here

    Here we have to tap on three dots and then tap on settings and in some cases it will directly show you the speed dialer, select it. 

  • 3. Choose Contacts As Quick Dial

    After selecting it you will get 9 numbers to set up as your quick dial or as speed dial. Tap on any one of them, select the contact that you wanted to set as the speed dial number and save it. 


Now, whenever you tap on that particular number that you have set up for the speed dial the call will directly call that number. 

3 Easy Steps to Use Speed Dial on Android

Now for the TECH GEEKS who are just curious and wanted to know it as fast as possible here is the thing for them: a three-step quick procedure to set up a quick dial or speed dial on Android.

  • Open the default dialer app
  • Tap on three dots and select speed dial settings
  • In this menu, you have nine keys to set up all of them as the speed dial for different contacts.
    • Suppose you want to set the speed dial for your dad’s number in and set it up by tapping on the number ‘1’ and then selecting it as contact and saving it.
      • So whenever you just open the dialer and long press on the “1” it will automatically dial your dad’s number. This is how it works. 

However, if you are wondering if you have the Google’s phone dialer app then here is the bad news for you. 

Speed Dial on Google Phone/Contact App

If your phone has Google’s phone dialer app then you won’t get a speed dialling option on the phone. Because Google’s contact and phone app do not support a quick dial feature. Instead, they have a favourite option to set any contacts as favourites. all the favourite contacts have been listed on the homepage of the app. 

This is the thing that many people are wondering and searching for. Even realme phones also have Google’s phone and that contact app so it is to be said that realme phones do not support quick dialer speed dial feature. 

Here’s the end of all the bad news but now good news for you. I have already written an article on the dialer apps that are too small and easy for you even without ads just like the Android launchers without ads that I previously wrote. 

Click here to check out all the dialer apps that will help you and you can uninstall the default phone in the dialer app and set them as the default. Even though they are one of the most secure dialer apps. 


I hope you found this article useful. Let me know in the comments if you do or not. By the way, remember we are a place where you will get all the best tutorials, apps, and games specially for Android devices. 

I am Kunal. I have a tremendous amount of experience in the Android OS using it from survival years and have written more than 250 articles related to it so make sure to check out all the other stuff that I have written this website.

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