Spotify Stopping, Pausing, Crashing? Here’s Best Fixes for Spotify Errors

Spotify App Keep Stopping, Crashing, Pausing? Here’s how to fix it. Fix All Spotify Errors; Instantly. Easy Guide. Tutorial 2022.
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It’s different. To fix this issue on Spotify to play Spotify music nonstop without any error, you should read the below procedure. I will not show you all the basic settings like clearing cache and installing or uninstalling. I’ll show you some advanced techniques you could use in 2022 whenever Spotify stops playing music.

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Because every website on the internet just tells you to clear the cache of the Spotify app and uninstall and reinstall it, it didn’t work. That’s why I figured out some new methods you could try, and I will also share why Spotify keeps stopping. 

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If Spotify keeps pausing the music, chances are, there’s any song downloading, Background running apps and services. If it crashes, simply uninstall the App and reinstall it. Moreover, Reboot the device to avoid pausing.

To fix Spotify keeps stopping following this method for 2022 

You can use this method in 2022 whenever the Spotify app starts stopping or Spotify contains a loop. 

1. Reset Network Settings 

Reset Network Settings

Many people figured it out, and we have also tried this whenever the Spotify app crashed on a few test smartphones. Then what we did was we just reset our network settings. That results in a permanent solution for Spotify stopping. 

Below I have linked to videos that you can watch. Video number one is for Android users, and the second is for iOS users. You can watch this video and reset your network settings easily; after that, all the problems of Spotify stopping will be fixed, and if Spotify keeps pausing, you can continue reading below. Learn here; What does Reset Network Settings do?

For Android

For iOS

2. Move App to Internal Storage 

Suppose you have downloaded an app and moved it to your SD card or external storage. And if the external storage of the card is not capable of running the App smoothly, it results in the song pausing. 

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Now you are thinking, why is this happening? This is because the problem will arise if your SD card is not extremely good for reading and writing speed. And in this scenario of internal storage, internal storage is the fastest way whenever the App starts crashing. Then you should move that App to internal storage because it can run apps smoothly. Read this to move the App to internal.

3. Update the App 

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We have tested this song pausing on Spotify error on more than three Smartphones. From one of them, we figured out that the problem had been fixed by updating the Spotify app. 

Many times, users forget to update apps, and even on my phone, many apps are still not updated (Google Play store Error Checking for Updates). And I am sure some apps on your phone are not being updated, so I recommend you to edit the Spotify app right now. 

4. Software Updates 

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So update your smartphone software for OS now because this could fix the app crashing problem. Many times apps have been upgraded in this era, and when your system is not being updated, there is a lot of capability to run apps smoothly, which results in App crashing and sometimes App not even starting.

Methods to Prevent Sportiffy Keeps Crashes or Pausing too frequently:

  • Empty the Spotify cache.
  • Log out and log back in.
  • The App needs to be updated.
  • Evoke for beta testers.
  • A smartphone restart is required.
  • Get rid of any apps that are still operating in the background.
  • Check your Internet connection.
  • Pause any downloading song.


Now let’s see the conclusion and summarise everything I talked about in this article. 

Spotify, Spotify is one of the apps that would like to listen to music from and is also known as one of the best music streaming apps

And sometimes, because of some incapability of the smartphone or some bugs in apps, Spotify keeps stopping, and sometimes Spotify pauses songs and even starts crashing. 

This resulted in the worst experience of using the App; to improve it; You could follow the method that gives.  This is a How to Tutorial article.

To fix Spotify keeps stopping, Spotify keeps crashing, and Spotify pauses: reset your network settings, move the Spotify app to internal storage, and update your smartphone version/software. Moreover, you could update the Spotify app to fix these Spotify errors.

Why does Spotify keep stopping, pausing, and crashing? 

There could be many reasons behind these errors. This is mainly because of Outdated Software, Outdated app version, and apps installed on internal storage. Moreover, due to mobile network settings. 

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