Stop Phone From Overheating? Try this method to Fix Phone Heating Issue 

After a few minutes of usage, you touch the phone’s back and you figure that your phone is overheating and now you might have a question: how to stop the phone from overheating? 

I appreciate your questioning power and your curiosity. Now let’s move on to the actual tutorial in which I am going to teach you 4 proven steps to stop phones from overheating. Moreover, tell you the reasons why the phone is heating or overheating.

How to Stop Phone From Overheating (Fix Overheating Smartphone)

These steps are the trial and tested methods on more than 8 Smartphones. In experimenting, we found that using these steps smartphones stop overheating. This is a How to Article from

Without wasting any more seconds, let’s dive in.

1. Keep Less Background Running Apps

The first and foremost technique that most people usually ignore is keeping the background apps running. 

stop the app running in background

You might have a 2GB or 4GB RAM smartphone. That’s what led to keeping more apps in the background. 

But keeping multiple apps at the same time in the background running processes will heat your smartphone because eventually your phone needs storage and power to keep them running in the background while you are performing any other task. 

So try to run only required apps to run in the background and don’t forget that you don’t ruin your experience of using a phone when you keep too many apps. 

Now, this point brings me to the second step that you must try. 

2. Cleaning the phone junk

delete junk files using any app

Junk files are the very useless files on the smartphone which make your phone bulk in the storage and in a long term they will heat your smartphone and sometimes it can overheat it.

Most people usually ignore this process where they have to clear the cache and the jump file of the smartphone but it’s the most crucial and it’s the notion of a chilled smartphone. Also read: This is how to clean junk & cache on Android.

Now the moment I said is most crucial then I got another step which I tried on those 7-8 smartphones.

3. Keep the brightness low


Keeping the brightness low can help phones to reduce the heat and can easily fix heating issues. 

How? When you increase the brightness level than the LEDs inside the screen increase to putting moreover to screen lights. With more power obviously, the phone will heat. If decreasing the brightness to extreme low make the phone screen flicker then increase it a bit.

4. Remove the Cover while performing a high-end task

Mobile Case or Cover

Think about a movement when you’re performing high-end tasks like playing games in high configuration or using multiple apps at once.

These high-end tasks not just increased the amount of load and even the smartphone silicon cover increased the heat that the phone is generating.

Foremost, remove the device cover while executing high-end tasks.

Why Is The Phone Heating Or Overheating?

let's go

These two are the main steps that you should follow when the phone starts overheating. There are a few reasons behind it. I already showed you the two steps to follow when a phone is overheating but below are listed some of the reasons which are the real culprit behind phone overheating.

  • Unstable Network Strength: suppose your phone is getting an unstable network so your phone needs to recheck again and again for better network coverage and in that process, there are a lot of processes consuming power usage background which results in overheating the phone.
  • Using the Device While Charging: many people made the mistake of using their smartphone while charging it. At that moment what happens is the power is getting into the Smartphone and you are consuming that power and because of that it increases the pressure on the battery. Moreover, it decrease the charging speed.
  • High Brightness: The other reason why android overheats is, users keep their brightness too high which increases the screen light which results in phone screen heating.
  • Excessive Usage of Processor: There could be multiple things that increase the load on the processor; Too many apps running, playing games in Extremely high settings. 

These are the real reasons behind why my phone overheats or why the phone is overheating a lot. 

Smartphone Heating is Good! Yes!

its our secret gif

Now I think you don’t need to worry because if your phone is overheating it is not bad! Or if it only heats up in a week then it’s completely fine.

Why Is Phone Heating Good?

Why? Because when a processor runs it hits and it’s the part of the processor. A heating smartphone is a good sign of the device’s performance. Also read: 7 Easy Ways to Speed up Smartphones. If it’s not heating a bit or a little bit then it’s a sign of a dead smartphone that means it is not consuming or using its full potential.

However if your phone overheats sometimes then you don’t need to worry because it happens when the load on the processor, RAM, and battery but other than that if it keeps overheating while you are not running any apps or services then it’s really serious. 


I hope you got the point of what I am trying to say and I hope you loved today’s article.

That’s all from my side. Today I showed you how to stop phone overheating & listed all the reasons why the phone is heating and how to prevent it from overheating.

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