How To Stop Spam Text On Android 2022

Here’s how to stop spam texts on android. Every day getting tons of SMS which lead to phishing, promotional offers, and recently T-mobile users were getting all phishing SMS/text on their smartphone.

I’m Kunal. This is an Tutorial article on; How to Stop spam SMS on android. In other words, I’m going to tell you the best way to stop spam text messages on android. Yes, you can follow this on any android device.

Also, tell you a secret in the end. This might also help you to detect all the spam texts and can save money, storage & time.

How To Stop Spam Text On Android

Let’s dive into the tutorial to stop all the spam text or SMS on any android device.

1. Use Messages by Google

google messages app image from play store

Messages app by google is a powerful app, why? Because Google has the biggest database. This app can detect Spammy text or phishing SMS. Moreover, it will alert you too when you open these texts.

A recent incident that happened with my friend, where he’s going to click on a link. Believe me or not, by clicking on it his whole bank account can be whipped out. Also, he’s not using an Antivirus by the way, do you know that Do antivirus apps are important. Click here to figure it out.

Here are a few screenshots that will tell you about spam messages & help you to detect any link in texts.

Spam texts messages
Spam messages on my phone.

2. Turn on the Spam filter

All smartphones have one feature which helps users to filter all the spam texts on android just like the Gmail app did. So, below is how to turn on spam protection or spam filters on an android messages app.

How to Turn On Spam Protection

  • Open messages app.
  • Tap on 3 dots then select settings.
  • In settings tap on “Spam Protection”.
  • Here turn on the spam protection.
settings of spam protection
spam protection

ATTENTION Please: Do you ever thought how secure & private your conversations are? truth is they are not! Here’s Secret Messaging apps.

3. Use Antivirus & Spam detector app

If you haven’t known whether antiviruses are necessary or not, read this first. Read it.

There are tons of antiviruses available on the play store & recently 7 antivirus & cleaner apps had been detected by the play store & being removed because all they have is a new form of phishing virus that can access your bank account & even can make transactions!

I know it sounds too dangerous, But here are a few safer options for an antivirus app.

Safe Antivirus app to detect spam messages.

  1. Kaspersky
  2. Norton
norton anitvirus app
Kaspersky antivirus app image

However, you can also use a call detector app that can also detect spam texts on android.

Spam Text Messages Detect

Below are some of the safest & privacy-centric spam detection apps.

1. TrueCaller
truecaller spam text blocker app

Truecaller is one of the finest apps for detecting spam texts on android, this app is available for free but with ads.

They have the pro version too but I suggest you use the basic one.

2. SMS Blocker, Message Block App – Key Messages

SMS spam blocker app

This is an award-winning app that I recently encountered while surfing on google play store.

How to detect a Spam text or Spam message on Android

Yes, I already showed you some apps & steps to follow to stop spam messages on android but what if the apps failed? Would you regret now when the bird devoured the field? So, here’s how to keep yourself safe.

1. Don’t click on links

In 2020 My friend applied for Harward & waiting.

Then suddenly “Kolex’ got a message from Harvard that he got a scholarship but as said in a text! He was pretty surprised. He texts back to them then they ask for money and send him a link to pay.

Very dangerous, at this point he called me 7 and told me everything so I said it’s a pure scam, Harvard is never gonna send a payment link.

The moral of the story, is Don’t click on links, especially on the ones who are shorten like this one;

Or avoid clicking on links like that, because you don’t know where it can lead you. So, avoid clicking links!

2. Don’t be greedy

Do you remember when Tom became greedy & wanted jerry? Here’s how they play without emotion. The easiest way to detect any spam text is by just reading it. All the spam text messages have one thing in common; Right they target your greed points Mainly which contain; Winning prizes, lottery, free jobs, recharges, promo codes. All spam text has free things in common.

So, You have to avoid all those messages which have something greedy. By the way, they send you SMS, because they have a large database of phone numbers to send those phishing messages.


I hope you found this article useful. I had my personal experience & tragedies with android’s spam text messages. I daily receive 10-18 spam texts on my device.

How? Because my number is in many sales pitchers or spammer’s databases. Yes, I blocked them but still, they sell their databases.

Today I showed you how to stop spam texts on android or stop spam messages on android.

Q: Why am I getting spam text messages?

Ans: Getting spam messages is the sign that your number is in the databases of many sales pitchers or spammers who use the number for mass spamming with links, free offers, jobs, and cash/lottery. Avoid clicking on the links which are shortened.

Q: Why am I getting spam texts all of a sudden?

Ans:  If you recently started getting spam texts then probably your number is being leaked. Some companies buy & sell the user’s data which causes this. If you’re getting spam texts all of a sudden & if texts are OTPs then someone you know is using SMS bomber which is used to annoy someone.

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