What Does Suggested For You Mean On Instagram

You might have this question being an IG user: What Does Suggested For You Mean On Instagram? So, below’s the answer.

What Does Suggested For You Mean On Instagram

Suggested for you on Instagram then it means that Instagram is suggesting some accounts based on the people you follow. 

Instagram has developed an algorithm which recommends people that we are more likely to follow. 

For instance, if I follow the accounts that post music videos or something like that, Instagram would start suggesting me accounts related to it from the past two weeks. I have got those accounts like motivation because I recently moved from writing to motivation. 

And in some cases, if you are just following your friends then Instagram will also suggest you some other people to follow. Which are likely to be your mutual friends like friends of friends.

Suggested For You Meaning Instagram

Let’s take an example of my personal Instagram account where I usually follow the people whom I knew. So Instagram is suggesting other people to follow. Surprisingly, the most common thing in those peoples were we were mutually connected like we have a friend of friend. 

Suggested For You On IG Example

For example my friend Bhavesh is following Yuvraj. But I didn’t know how you  yuvraj or where it belongs to. but when I follow Bhavesh, Instagram starts suggesting Yuvraj’s account to follow him also because we have a mutual connection like the chain that connects me and Yuvraj is Bhavesh.

Because I follow Bhavesh and Yuvraj also follows Bhavesh that’s why Instagram is suggesting that I follow the person Yuvraj. 

I hope you got all your answers in just one paragraph and to summarise all of them let me give you a quick summary. 

What Exactly Suggested for you mean!

Instagram “Suggested for you” is the feature which suggests you more accounts to follow which are related to the activities you did on the platform, people you follow. However, these can be your contacts, or mutual friends too.

I hope you got the answer to what does suggested for you mean on Instagram. Have a nice day and don’t forget to share this article if you love anything about it.

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