T Mobile Not receiving Texts: 5 Ways to Fix Now! now

T Mobile not receiving texts: A Step by step procedure to do it. A Comprehensive guide TMobile Not getting SMS and Texts. On Any smartphone.
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Are you on TMobile and not receiving texts? Or the SMS?

Then I promise this article will help you to fix this issue.

Moreover, Tmobile will start receiving texts and SMS from now.

Stay tuned till the end, Before I start the tutorial. Make a promise that after you fix the t mobile not receiving texts, you’ll share this article.


T Mobile Not Receiving Texts

T Mobile Not Receiving Texts

Below are the 5 Steps to Fix this. The tutorial can do it in just 3 minutes. Single steps won’t take more than 45 seconds.

LET’S Start in the #Backdroid Style.

To fix the Tmobile Texts not receiving, clear the cached data of the default SMS app, restart the smartphone once, and Turn on and off the Airplane mode. If nothing works, wait for the texts for a few minutes or re-request the text/SMS.

1. Clear the Cache

Clearing the cached data of the default SMS receiver app can be helpful.

clear data of app

Take this example: 

SMS by Cache data improves the performance by storing the data.

Previously cached SMS is still showing because new SMS are not showing even when received in the system.

To clear the cache, follow the below article:

  • Open mobile settings.
  • Tap on All Apps or get into the installed apps list.
  • Select the default messaging apps.
  • Tap on storage in app settings.
  • Select the Clear cache.

2. Wait for OTPs

If the text you are talking about is OTP, it’s better to wait for two or more minutes instead of getting in a hurry.

surprised gif andy

Why wait, backdroid?

Because, When you request an OTP, sometimes there’s a lot of load on their server, which is used to send OTP for verification purposes.

So, instead of fixing anything, wait for a few minutes. But when you are tired of the error OTP is not receiving, then make sure to read this guide.

3. Restart the device

One of the ways to fix t mobile SMS not receiving is by restarting the smartphones. It’s like you hit the spot!

Restart Phone

Let me explain why.

Because Some people do not restart their device even after six months, why did you hit the spot? There are six benefits of continuing the device, which probably few people know.

4. Two Bars: This is what TMobile recommended

This is the step that Tmobile officially recommends.

its our secret gif

So, Here’s What it is.

Check the signal bars if you’re not receiving the texts on Tmobile. It at least needs two minimum bars to receive a text quickly.

Here’s the statement of TMOBILE

You have restarted your device recently. See why it’s essential to Restart your smartphone regularly.

Here source.

5. Turn on and Off the Airplane mode.

You have to turn on airplane mode and then turn it off. This will refresh the network.

Aeroplane mode on and off

This refresh can improve the signal strength and increase the signal bars.

To turn on and off airplane mode:

  • Swipe down from the top to Open the quick navigation menu.
  • Tap on airplane mode to turn it on.
  • Then tap it again to turn it off.

6. Check if you haven’t blocked.

Featured Image for block numbers and calls

If you’re trying to receive a text from someone, check if you haven’t blocked them. That’s a sweet and short explanation, but the next ONE is HUGE.

Tell Them to Resend a text/SMS after this.

So, if you’re still not receiving the texts, tell them to follow Steps 3, Step 4, and Step 5.

They have to restart their device (which means the sender), then Check the Tmobile network streaming (ensure there’s no “no service“), And lastly, Turn on and off the airplane mode.

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Summing Up Things: TMobile Text Not Receiving

5 points to remember when you’re not receiving the Tmobile texts or SMS:

  1. Clear the Cache of the SMS receiver app.
  2. Restart the device once.
  3. Check for at least three signal bars.
  4. Try to Turn on Airplane mode, then turn it off.
  5. Lastly, Wait for a few minutes to get the texts.

Final Words, For you

That’s it! Go now BUT don’t forget the pinky promise to share this. Follow our tmobile guide here.

So, today I showed you how to fix t mobile not receiving SMS or not receiving texts.

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