The details: Why practice and understand the concept of division?

The calibre of breaking a problem into easy small fragments of problems obtain an important position in our daily lives may it be practically or theoretically. The concept of division is the representation of the same theory. The respective topic is a wonder of mathematics that helps find simple solutions to cope up with the situations of life. The division is normally known as an inverse of multiplication. 

The division method is a part of your daily life. May it be a band or any kind of rock group, a lead singer, or some drummer etc. All of the members obviously divide their part of lyrics and music. If you want to divide any sheet for making a collage or any other projects you need to understand division. Even the basic practice of distributing sweets need an understanding of the same.

In order to prepare the child for advanced mathematics, learning division becomes mandatory. The  concept can be built on the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication etc. and their basic features. The introduction to division starts by introducing the basic terms used. Once passing on the beginner’s level the students may try to target long and multi-digit problems where they are introduced to the term’s quotient and remainder.

The term divide refers to…

Divide or division targets the distribution of different data into equal parts. Simply dividing anything into a group or equal parts is division. For example, just like a diagonal divides any square or rectangle into two equal parts. It should be noted that the result may belong to any set of numbers. Some divisions Ivan results in the form of fractions for decimal numbers. Division generally is represented by ÷ or a slash in the case of fractions.

The basic division formula

Let’s start with an intro with the basic terms included in the respective concept.

  • Dividend: the dividend is the number that is being divided.
  • Divisor: this is one that divides the dividend.
  • Quotient: the quotient is the outcome of the operation after dividing the dividend with the divisor.
  • Reminder: the reminder is the remaining part of the division operation.

These 4 important terms when are combined together form a relation for the concept of division of two

or more numbers. The relation is as follows:

Dividend ÷divisor= quotient +remainder

Or, dividend= divisor times quotient plus a remainder.

Remember these important facts

  • When any number is divided by 1 the quotient and the dividend are equal.
  • On the contrary, if any number is divided by itself the result or the quotient is always 1.
  • On dividing any number by zero or if there is a zero in the denominator of any fraction the result is undefined.
  • If 0 is divided by any number or zero forms the numerator of any number the result obtained is zero. 
  • One can verify the division is correct or not by substituting the values in the relation dividend= quotient X divisor +remainder. If the left-hand side matches the right-hand side, the solution is correct else you need to check on it.
  • Even the prime factorization factors HCF LCM and other such concepts make use of the concept of division.
  • The division is an important part of primary arithmetical operations.

While performing division operations in the fraction concept, the division operator is generally transformed or converted into multiplication. Cuemath explains the concept of multiplication as well as division in close relation with each other as both of them depends on that number tables. One cannot work well in case of no knowledge of the other. You need to train your kids to master both the topics to have a mastery over various other related topics.

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