These Emojis won the hearts! They have been used the most in 2021, see the list here

Most Used Emoji’s 2021. See the list of the most used; emojis. These being used on; WhatsApp, IG, FB, & Other social media.

In this era of social media, today everyone does messaging and chatting. Some do it privately and some openly 😉 ! From WhatsApp and other social media platforms to normal SMS, most people use emojis while chatting. The not-for-profit organization, the Unicode Consortium, digitizes all languages ​​around the world. This institute has brought out a list in which it has been told about the most used emojis of 2021.

Most Used Emoji of 2021

The Unicode Consortium has released a report, according to which there are 3,663 emojis in total. The report says that the top 100 emoji account for 82% of the total emoji share. Let us know which were the top ten emojis of 2021.

Emoji's 2021

Here are the top 10 emojis of 2021

In 2021, the total emoji used on all social media platforms is at the top of the face in which ‘laughing tears’ come. ‘Red heart’ ranks second among most used emoji, followed by ‘rolling on the floor laughing’ emoji, then ‘thumbs up’ emoji, followed by crying emoji and then ‘handshake or hello’ Here comes the emoji. The ‘Kissing’ emoji is at number seven, ‘Smiling face with a heart’ at the eighth, then ‘Smiling face with heart eyes’ and lastly comes the emoji with ‘Smiling face with smiling eyes’.

Most Used Emoji 2021, Ranked!

  1. 😂
  2. ❤️
  3. 🤣
  4. 👍
  5. 😘
  6. 😍
  7. 😆

These are the winners in sub-category

The ‘Flexed Biceps’ emoji is at the top of the list of body parts emoji in this list. Let us tell you that the emoji associated with hands was not added to this list. The ‘butterfly’ emoji has been used the most in animal emoji. The reason behind these is that users use these emoji for more than one reason.

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