This Productivity Hacks Can Save Your Time!

Not Being Productive Can Cost You A Million $$; That’s why everyone wants to be proactive. Here's a hack to be more productive at work.
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Hey, Productive being! Have you ever got into a situation where you have to open any social media app? And Woah! You forget to start infinite scrolling. And in a few minutes suddenly you realize that I have that work and I am scrolling. 

If you ever went through the above situation or can’t focus on your work then here is a master trick to use on a smartphone. 

Every smartphone nowadays is a focus of productive mode which will help you to control your addiction over all the social media apps. You can select the most distracting apps. Those apps won’t work in the focus hours. 

Now you might be wondering what will happen to other apps. Can I use them? Of course, you can use them and whenever you tap on those it will ask you whether you want to use them for 5 minutes or more than that.

Use this trick to Improve productivity & focus 

Ok, so every smartphone has an app called digital wellbeing which is nowadays pre-installed by Google itself. 

If you have ever gotten into the digital wellbeing settings you will find and focus mode. 

add distracting apps to focus list

If you select focus mode then a new window will appear where you have to select all the unnecessary apps which are not required in your workplace or the focus hours. 

Right after this, whenever the focus mode is turned on it will automatically turn off all the unnecessary apps. 

focus hours popup

I found this feature useful when it comes to Instagram. Whenever I open Instagram during my work hours it reminds me after 5 minutes that you are in focus mode so focus on your work. And it’s my personal experience that in the past few months I have gone through this phase where I opened Instagram and wasted 15 to 20 minutes. 

But for a couple of months, I have been using this focus mode on digital wellbeing which is helping me a lot. Now I am spending five minutes just taking a chill pill between work. Read more about staying focused.

I recommend any student, any person who usually opens social media apps, all the apps that distract them most in the work. You can add those apps to the list so that the app will not work in the focus hours. 

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Kunal Kashyap

Kunal Kashyap

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