5 Easy Methods to Fix it Permanently; TikTok Keep Crashing/Stopping/Freezing

I know How it feels when Tiktok keeps crashing! That movement everyone has a few questions; Why does TikTok keep crashing? How to Fix Tik Tok Stopping/crashing, So on.

In Today’s article, I’m gonna show you Why Tik Tok Crashing again and again & Even How to Stop Tiktok from crashing. Apps crashes are common nowadays because they’re too many smartphone bands in which the app is getting installed. The Apps are not optimized for all the bands and their phone models. 

Why Does Tiktok Keep Crashing & Stopping? 

The main reason why Tiktok is Stopping is The App is not being optimized for your smartphone, even if the app’s data is corrupted or using an older version of Tik Tok can make these kinds of errors. 

To fix this problem permanently follow the below procedure. 

5 Easy Solutions to Fix Tik Tok Keeps Crashing 

Using TikTok is a pleasure, we could spend hours on it. But suddenly when a message pops up saying “Tiktok Stopped Working” or “Tiktok Has been Closed” is a bad sign. Here’s how to fix this with 5 simple methods that you could follow to fix the Tiktok app stopping/crashing. 

1. Clear the App Data 

This is one of a kind technique that we generally use whenever there’s an in-app problem. You can also do that if TikTok is not responding. 

First, You have to clear the app’s data and the cache of the app to delete all the corrupted data. After clearing the data, Restart your device. And check if it works or not. Before you go don’t forget to check out all the 4 steps they might be way more helpful. Learn How To Clear Cache Android or Certain Apps.

2. Reinstall Tiktok App 

Yup! You have to uninstall the TikTok app if it is still crashing because this could be a bug which causes this error. 

So, long tap on the app icon > From the popped up menu select > Uninstall > to uninstall it. Now Go to the Google Play Store and download it again. And remember don’t download the app without restarting your smartphone, no excuses. Even if your restart button is not working you can try this

3. Updating the System’s Software 

If the app is still not working then you must update your device, if available. 

There were many times when I found people that their “Software Update” Notification keeps flashing in the notification bar but they slide it to remove the notification. That’s unfair. 

A system update contains many things like; Security Patch (To make your device secure), Fixing many Bugs, Improving the camera functionality, etc.

To Fix the Tiktok app you should update the software. 

4. Logout and Sign In Again 

If still, luck is not with you then you can log out of your existing TikTok account and log in again. This method works many times when all the above methods fail. But remember it is sure that 77% of the above 3 methods surely work. 

5. Sending Feedback Email to Tiktok 

That’s the ultimate method when nothing works. You can send them an email with the screenshot of TikTok keeps stopping, with an explanation of your problem with the device model, etc. Moreover, if the email is not being sent and stayed in the outbox or is being queued then read this tutorial

To get their contact details you have to open the play store app then search the TikTok app there. Now scroll down to the developer option here you will see the email of the developer sending them your feedback. 

I hope this will help you to fix the TikTok app. Hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial. We are Backdroid. It’s a website where we generally write tutorials, guides, and the best apps & games. 

Why does Tiktok Keep Crashing

Tiktok keep restarting; The Problem that most people suffer from these days. In this article I’m going to break down: why does TikTok keep restarting? And some proven solutions with it. 

One of my friends from the United States recently texted me on twitter and said: Hi, Kunal, from the past few weeks my TikTok app keep restarting? What could be the reasoning and let me know if there’s any solution? So, today I am writing this article.

Let’s Dive In!

Why Does Tiktok Keep Restarting?

If the earlier TikTok app used to work fine on your phone then this could be an issue, don’t worry I’m here. If the tiktok app keep restarting, this could be due to corrupted cache data, and even due to Using an outdated version. Moreover, try to update the app or clear the cached data.

These are some absolute steps that you could follow when TikTok restarts over and over again. I hope you found this answer useful. My friend also mentioned that the Answers on the internet are not accurate, So I tried to cover all the things related to TikTok crashing or restarting. 

Moreover, You can check the Tiktok’s server, whether they are down and causing the app to restart. 

If your Tik Tok keeps crashing, chances are the issue can be quickly fixed by clearing out excess data stored or clearing phone’s cache and deleting any unused apps. The app may require an update to get it back up to speed, although older phones may not be able to run the app properly.

First thing you can do is restart Tiktok. There could be a temporary bug or glitch on the app or on device, which causes applications to malfunction or randomly crash. For Android and iOS devices, you can restart TikTok through and clear the cache.

Fix TikTok Keep Restarting 

Above I already promised that I will mention some steps to Fix this TikTok restarting error. So, here it is.

  • Clear the Cached data of Tiktok App
  • Restart your phone several times
  • Make sure that the app is up-to-date

However, I have already written an article on Tiktok that keep crashing. Read it here

This article is part of the Question and answer page, Where I generally answer all the Frequently asked questions. Sometimes they are related to apps and games.

I hope you found this article useful. Let me know in the comment, What’s your tiktok username, feel free to share. 

That’s it. Let me know in the comments what your device model is, so I can help you further. 

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