How to Fix TMobile Keeps Stopping; Instantly

One of our Authors says “Every day Getting A New Problem is the Trend”. That seems true.

Imagine You messaged your crush and waiting for her reply, days later her reply came and You are Typing your message “Hey Kristen ^_^” Then Suddenly a Popup tells you that “T-Mobile Keeps Stopping” just like now, leading me to go back and fix everything and then continue and repeat. I have some insane techniques to fix it, Yes Right Now! 

There are a few methods that worked on me and my crush’s cellphone (Going to tell you about my crush in the end :]). 

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i don’t know if this is the right subreddit to post to since i don’t use reddit a lot, but lately i keep on running into an issue where i constantly get a pop up on my screen (not the scam kind, just like, a genuine system one) saying, “TMobile keeps stopping”. It keeps on popping up every 5 seconds, especially when im trying to type or do something (just like now, leading to me having to go back and fix everything and then continue and repeat).


i haven’t installed anything near when it began, and im getting concerned for my phone. it’s like every 0.2 seconds i keep getting interrupted by this message about it, and i’ve tried everything that comes to mind. and its not even one of those play store TMobile apps, it’s the built in one, so i can’t uninstall then reinstall it. i tried googling about it but it seemed like all pages only ever spoke about it being with the actual app in the playstore rather than the built in one. should i factory reset my phone or something??

i really want to avoid doing thatsince i have a lot of important stuff on here but it feels like maybe the t might be the only option, and i don’t even know if it would work in the end. if anybody has any advice i would really appreciate it, because this is my first time encountering this problem and im really worried about it. Source.

Let’s Fix TMobile Keeps Stopping or T-Mobile App Stopping 

In some smartphones, some limitations result in you can’t disable the app. That’s the worst scenario. 

Figured it out for my phone. That stupid error kept popping up all day for me. It was driving me nuts because eventually, everything on my phone slowed down!!!


I believe I solved the issue for myself: Android (T-MOBILE)

  1. Go into: Settings
  2. Select: Apps
  3. Scroll down and select: TMOBILE
  4. Tap: Force Stop
  5. Here Tap On: Disable
  6. Click 3 dots in upper right hand: uninstall updates

That fixed my issue with the non-stop, every 2 second pop-up of TMOBILE has stopped working.

Scroll Down for Surprise!

Best of luck to you all!!!

Additionally, if You can’t disable the app, but you can disable background running apps and also can disable the usage of internet in the background to Stop errors.

Ultimate Ways to Fix T-Mobile Has Stopped Working! 

Now check this out: The Ultimate Methods that you should try if “T-Mobile Continuously Stopping” even if your phone keeps Lagging. 

  • Move All the unused apps to SD 
    • Those apps which you don’t use regularly
  • Clean-up the internal storage 
  • Moving Frequently used apps to Internal storage (To make them work faster) 
  • Disable All the Unnecessary App notifications 
  • Use One SIM card only 

These are some proven things you could try. 

Before you go to your daily routine, Get more information about Why T-Mobile Keeps Stopping or Why does the TMobile app keeps stopping. 

Why Does TMobile Keep Stopping 

This could be due to the increased load in your processor. Poor RAM. Or could be you are using too many services at a time.

Ok, I got to the friend zone in the end. Just because I helped her. Lol

But anyways. This article is a Part of our: Guide.

Q: Why does T-Mobile keep stopping pop up?

Ans: Generally, it pops up due to the smartphone ram being full. There is no space to run another app or to perform any task. And to fix tmobile keep stopping then I have mentioned a tutorial to fix that here.

Q: Why does My Phone Keep Saying T-Mobile Keeps Stopping?

Ans: The main reason why the phone says “T-Mobile Keeps Stopping” is because there are constant background running apps. Moreover due to notifications that keep popping up of various apps. However, Something tmobile itself will pop up and says it keeps stopping. 

Q: How to fix T-mobile keeps stopping message?

Ans: To stop the message from tmobile whenver its stopping, Try to clear the app’s data or uninstall the app updates. Moreover, restart phone several times in a week can helpful too.

Q: Why my phone says Unfortunately t mobile has stopped?

Ans: It’s because of the load that constantly increasing on smartphone, to fix this make sure to use limited apps at once & avoid multi-tasking.

Q: Why t mobile keeps stopping notification pops up?

Ans: This notification for stopping pops up everytime when work load increase on phone. So, whenever you’re multi-tasking you’re phone will pops up a notificaiton.

T Mobile Keeps Stopping Pop Up.

Here’s how to fight with Tmobile. It keeps popping up everytime you’re performing an important task.

To fix this popping up t mobile stopping;

  1. Move All the unused apps to SD  (Those apps which you don’t use regularly)
  2. Clean the internal storage.
  3. Move Frequently used apps to Internal storage.
  4. Disable All the App notifications.
  5. Use One SIM card only.

That’s it, this is how to fix the T-Mobile stopping issue. I hope this helps you in fixing it. Let me know if there’s anything that I could do. 

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