To Clear Cache Of Google Chrome App (2 Quick Ways)

To Clear Cache of Google Chrome Browser App. A Tutorial to delete the chrome app cache from settings and from the app itself.
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Oh, Ho, Ho, in today’s article, I’m going to show you a step-by-step procedure to clear the cached data of the chrome app. You often want to delete chrome cache data and files due to errors or for any reason.

Here we’ve included all the required screenshots and the tutorial video (from learn and solve with backdroid)of the entire process of deleting the cache.

Let’s dive into BackDroid Style to Clear Google Chrome cache data.

To clear the chrome app cache using settings, follow this: Get into app settings → Select the chrome app → tap on the storage → hit the clear cache. Screenshots are shared below.

To clear the google chrome cache using the app itself, here’s the procedure: Open the chrome app → get into privacy and security settings → tap on clear cache, cookies, and history → Tick the cache checkbox → Hit the delete button. The screenshot is Given below.

On the right of the image it shows the menu to clear the cached files and data of the google chrome app

How to Delete Cache of Google Chrome App on Android (2 Quick Ways)

Deleting cache is often misunderstood by most of us. Some of us don’t know that deleting the cache will delete any files and passwords. However, it is something you need to know about being a smartphone user.

1. Open the Device Settings, then Select Apps

Smartphone Settings icon highlighted with yellow and teal color
Apps tab highlighted with the red arrow in the Android mobile settings

Firstly, open the device settings by clicking the settings icon from the app drawer.

In the second step, tap on the app from the device setting, where you’d find all the apps.

2. Select the Google Chrome App

Select Chrome app from the device settings

In the third step, tap on the google chrome app from all the apps mentioned.

3. Tap on Storage Usage

Any App Storage settings from the device settings

So, the fourth step is to select the storage usage from all the menus of the chrome app.

4. Lastly, Tap on the Clear Cache

Here, simply tap on the clear cache.

clear cache button from the device settings applicable for any app

Above, it shows the first and the essential step of clearing the cache data of the chrome browser app. Do you know that chrome is one of the fastest browsers available on android?

Now, I’ll share the second method of deleting the chrome app cached data using the app itself. Also read: To Delete or Clear Google Play Store Cached Data.

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To Clear Cache of Google Chrome Browser App Suing the App Itself

The second method is all about clearing cache of Google Chrome app using the chrome application itself. Often we forget that some apps, including Instagram, have options to remove the unwanted hidden cache by their settings.

1. Open Google Chrome


Firstly, open the chrome application on your device.

2. Tap Three Dots, Get Into Settings

Google Chrome Settings

Secondly, tap on the three dots in the top right corner, then find and select the settings.

3. Select the Privacy and Settings

privacy and security settings of the chrome app

You must select the privacy and settings and enter the menu.

4. Tap On Clear Cache, Cookies, Bookmarks, Etc.

Google chrome browser cookies, cache cleaning menu

You would see the clear cache, cookies, and history in the Privacy menu. Tap on it.

5. Select the Clear Cache Checkbox and Tap on Clear Data

Here you have to tap on the clear data, which will delete the cached data of the google chrome browser app. 

clear google chrome app cache using the app itself

Even some people might have the question: what’s the difference between clearing cache from the chrome app itself? There are two things: clearing the basics of cached and advanced data.

Both Basics Cache and Advance Cache

These caches are the same, and there’s nothing different between them. If you see the screenshot shared below, you’ll find that in both tabs, the cache data is 12Mb instead of that, there’s a difference between the data of bookmarks and cookies.

clear advance cache of Google chrome app

In the advanced tab, you’ll have all the data of cookies to clear in chrome and the history on the chrome browser.

Video Tutorial To Clear google Chrome cache


I hope you find today’s helpful article. Above I showed you all the ways and the steps to delete the chrome cached files and data. Have a nice day.

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