2 Best Ways To Convert Email To PDF

Save email as PDF on Gmail App and Gmail.com. 2 Ways are shown to save the desired email in PDF convert. Convert email into PDF Gmail.
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Some emails are essential that you can’t ignore, saving them on your device. I promise to show you the exact steps to save email as a pdf on the Gmail app and the Gmail website (web version).

So if you want to save your emails on your device as PDFs, follow this guide. It will help you save email as a PDF in just a few simple steps.

Let’s quickly see in Backdroid Style.

Open Your Gmail Application→Open the email you want to save as PDF→ Tap on the three dots, then tap Print at the top→ Tap on save PDF→ done.

Method One To Save Email As PDF On Gmail App

Step 1: Open Your Gmail

gmail app icon highlighted

Open your Gmail Application.

Step 2: Open any mail

all the gmail emails listed

Open any mail you want to save as a PDF.

Step 3: Tap on Print

Gmail app email print settings opened

As you open an email, you will see the print icon at the right of the main heading of the mail. Tap on the print icon.

Step 4: Fill in Additional Details

To save email as pdf on the gmail app

In the drop-down menu, tap on Save as PDF.

Step 6: Tap on Save

Tap on save to save the email as pdf

Tap on Save at the bottom of the page.

This will convert the whole email into a PDF. It doesn’t matter how many pages there are; it will convert all pages into PDF. Also read: How to Save One Page of a PDF File Android.

Alternative Method To Convert Email Into PDF (For Gmail Web Version)

The method mentioned above is the easiest, but it has some limitations. For example, it can only convert one email into a PDF at a time. If you want more options, you can follow this method to convert email into PDF.

So in this method, you have to download the Cloud HQ extension. And once you download this extension, you will automatically see this extension in your Gmail.

How to download the Cloud HQ extension?

  • Open Google and search Chrome Web Store.
  • Tap the first link: Chrome Web Store.
  • Search Save Emails to PDF by Cloud HQ.
  • Tap on Save Emails to PDF by Cloud HQ.
  • Tap on Add to Chrome.
  • Tap on Add Extension.
chrome web store on Google search bar
Step 1.
searching for save email as pdf extension by cloudhq
step 2.
adding the cloudhq chrome extension
step 3.

This process will download the extension, and it will automatically be displayed when you open your Gmail. As you select any mail, you will see a download icon. And when you open a mail, you will see the Save option at the top. 

Step 1: Open your Gmail and select the mail

Open your Gmail and tap on the checkbox. You have to select only those emails you want to convert into PDFs.

Step 2: Tap on the Download icon

You will see a download icon at the top. Tap on that icon.

Step 3: Choose the way you want to download

If you have chosen multiple emails, you will see different options: Save each conversion into a separate PDF, merge all conversations into the same PDF, etc. Decide the way you want to save.

This will convert your emails into PDFs easily. You can also save a single mail by opening the mail and tapping Save at the top of the page.

Advantages of Using the Extension by CloudHQ

Their aim to provide more ease and simplicity in converting Gmail to PDF led them to what they have now.


The methods mentioned above are easy and quick to save emails as PDFs. Whether you want to save a single mail or multiple emails, this blog will help you in every way. The second method allows you to customize as per your desire, while the first is the simplest. Also, you don’t have to download any extension or anything in the first method. Both methods will save your emails as PDFs in the download folder. However, you can change the location manually.

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