5 Ways To Fix com.android.phone Keeps Stopping

To Fix com.android.phone keeps stopping. A Tutorial to resolve com.android.phone keeps stopping or crashing (and the pop-ups). 5 Ways quick ways.
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If the com.android.the phone keeps stopping or com.android.phone keeps crashing. Then this is the tutorial where I will show you how to fix the stopping error in com.android.phone.

Com.Android.Phone is a package name of an application that manages all the system processes and running apps. Learn everything about com.android.phone. From here.

I assure you when you apply all the steps and methods. I.e., fixed com.android.phone. You won’t face this issue. Previously, More than 197 people fixed the com osp app signing stopping issue.

Let’s dive into BackDroid Style to Solve today’s com.android.phone stopping error.

If the com.android.phone stopping constantly, and a notification pops up, and chances are it can be fixed by restating the device two or more times, limiting the background process limit, use the lite apps. Moreover, it can be resolved by clearing the android cached data.

5 Ways to Fix the Com.Android.Phone Stopping

There could be many reasons this error keeps popping up while using other applications. Below are all the potential ways to fix com.android.phone crash or, Unfortunately, the Process.com.android.phone Has Stopped.

1. Two Consecutive Restart

You clear the device cache and cached files, including the hidden cache, by resetting your Device.

Restart Phone

Know, here is what happens: your cache is deleted. To perform a restart, tap on the power button and then tap on restart. Performing two continuous restarts clears all the cached data and other files, which is unimportant.

2. Set the Background Running Apps limit if RAM is less than 2GB

Background running apps limiting means you decide a specific app limit that can run in the background. 

background process limit on android developer settings

Suppose that if you set the background running apps limit to 2, only two apps can run in the background process. When three are selected, only three apps can run while using other apps. This setting can be accessed from Developer mode; we have a tutorial to Turn On Developer Options (mode) on Android.

3. Turn Off Additional Services

There are tons of services on the smartphone’s quick bar; when many of them you turn on, it works in the background. It processes things while you are performing any other tasks.

Quick Panel of all the additional services

You can navigate the quick Panel through Notification Bar and Panel. So, turn off the additional running services, which can make less load on the RAM and other processes.

4. Use Lite Apps

use lite apps

Lite apps are the apps that are lighter in size and don’t give the load on the Device’s RAM and processor.

When using FACEBOOK instead of FACEBOOK LITE, these errors come only when you’re a device with less RAM or a budget-range smartphone.

5. Clear Cached Data

When the com android phone stops, and it keeps telling you the com.android.phone is stopping, then simply clear the android cache data, including the hidden one.

To clear the android cached data, read a guide here, and then to know what happens after clearing the cache on Android. We generally do a lot of Question and answers articles.

These kind of error most encountered by Samsung users, like some people, face the Samsung Account App Crashing and Stopping, etc. Moreover, this article is a part of our How To tutorials page.

Now, it’s time for BackDroid Hacks to Fix Com.Android.Phone Stopping

All Ways to Fix the Com.Android.Phone Stopping or Crashing Frequently

  • Restart the Device A Few Times.
  • Clear the Device cached.
  • Make sure you’ve turned off additional services.
  • Use lite apps.
  • Set background apps running limit.
  • Keep the Device updated.


Today we have shared all the ways and methods to fix the com.android.phone not working or keeps stopping constantly. I hope you find the article helpful.

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