How to Unsubscribe All Youtube Channel At Once

This is the tutorial you need to unsubscribe from all the channels from the YouTube app. answered: can you unsubscribe all at once? Know now.
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If a person likes a creator’s content, he instantly subscribes to that channel. It will motivate the creator to produce the best content for its subscribers and remind subscribers of a new video from their creator.

If you want to unsubscribe from multiple channels, follow this guide and unsubscribe from all channels quickly.

Learn to Unsubscribe from all channels in BackDroid style.

Open the YouTube app → Tap on the subscription tab → select All → Slide from the Right side to the Left to unsubscribe.

Steps to Unsubscribe all Youtube Channels at Once [Android/iOS]

Unsubscribe youtube channel thumbnail image for backdroid

If you want to Unsubscribe from all subscribed Youtube channels one by one, easily follow this method. This article is a part of our YouTube guide.

Step 1: Open Youtube

subscription tab in YouTube app

Open your Youtube app and tap on the subscriptions icon at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Tap on All

All-subscription tab in the YouTube app

As you open the subscription option, a new page will open. Here you have to Tap on All at the top right corner of the subscription page.

Step 3: Tap on Manage

Manage tab in YouTube App

Tap on Manage at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 4: Slide Right to Left

to-unsubscribe channel by sliding

As you Tap on Manage, the list of all Subscribed channels will appear. It would help if you slid to the Left of the channel you want to unsubscribe from.

In this way, you can unsubscribe from all channels on a single page.

Video to Unsubscribe Youtube Channels

Here are links to a YouTube video that shows how to unsubscribe from all the channels on the YouTube app: Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel: Learn and Solve with BackDroid.

Can I unsubscribe from all channels at once on the YouTube app?

On the YouTube app, there is no method to unsubscribe from all the subscribed channels at once. Moreover, YouTube provides a fluent way to unsubscribe channels by sliding from the Manage channel settings from right to left.

To unsubscribe youtube channel from the youtube app a screenshot which shows how to do that.


Q: Can we unsubscribe from multiple channels simultaneously instead of all?

Ans: Yes, in the first method, you can select the channels to unsubscribe. So instead of Tapping Toggle All, choose the channels you want to unsubscribe.

Q: Can we subscribe to the unsubscribed channel?

Ans: Yes, you can Subscribe to or Unsubscribe from any channel multiple times. 

Q: Can we get notifications from the channel after unsubscribing?

Ans: No, as you unsubscribe from the channel, you will not get any notification related to content posted on that channel.

Q: Can we watch the content of the unsubscribed channel?

Ans: Yes, of course, you can watch all the content of the unsubscribed channel.

Q: Can we undo the process of unsubscribing all channels at once?

Ans: No, you can undo the action. As you tap on Unsubscribe, all the subscribed channels will unsubscribe the channels without the Undo option. After that, you have to subscribe to those channels one by one.


That is all from BackDroid. Today we have shown How to Unsubceive youtube channels from YouTube App. I hope you found it helpful. We’ve mentioned the Screenshots that will guide you more with the tutorial.

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