Truth Social App for Android ; download, use, Release date

You might constantly be looking for the Donald Trumps App called; Truth Social App For Android?

Then here’s All about it, including Truth’s social release date, how to download it on Android, How to get it, etc.

This is a special article all about Truth Social App; A new form of social media by former president trump.

Truth Social Release Date for Android

Truth Social app android

Many people are constantly looking for this app to download or even know the release date.

There’s no confirmed release date from them officially, but they still say it’s coming soon on the google play store, as you can see in the image below.

truth social app download for android

When will Truth social be available on Android?

There’s no official confirmation on the release date of true social for Android, but maybe it’s coming in the next few weeks.

When will truth social be available on Android

How did I know this? Every app is initially launched for iOS after a few months on the Play store. If history repeats, then yes, the true social app will launch between the next 1-2 months on Google Play Store, which means for Android OS.

Truth Social App Download Android

What if it gets released? How will you download the truth app on your Android?

truth social app download

So, here’s How to get Truth social or download it on Android!

How to Download Truth Social App on Android

  1. Open Google Play.
  2. Search for Truth Social.
  3. Then tap on the download.
  4. Now select open after downloading.

This is the first way to get the app. Here’s the second one.

How to Get Truth Social App for Android

  1. Open any third-party app downloading site.
  2. Search for the app.
  3. Then download them. APK of Truth social.
  4. Now install the app.

Now there’s the question that we all forget, Yes, most of us.

That’s the Availability of this app, whether available in one specific country or for all.

Then here’s what you need to know about Truth Social Media App.

Truth Social Availability

This app is currently available in the U.S (United States). Other than that, it’s not available anywhere else.

Think about it, and Even though I opened their website from India, it showed me this.

Access denied

You do not have access to

The site owner may have set restrictions that prevent you from accessing the site. Contact the site owner for access or try loading the page again.

No outsider can use their app because they use the mechanism that limits the app’s ability.

Here is what they are saying on their website

At the moment, Truth Social is available for U.S. users only, but rest assured, we are working hard to make it available in your country. When Truth Social becomes available for you, we’ll make an announcement. Stay tuned!


Q: Is Truth social available on Android?

Ans: No, currently, it is not available for Android devices, but it will be released in the next few months.

Q: When will Truth social be available for Android?

Ans: This app will be available in the next few months for Android users. This app is only available for iOS users and only for the people in the U.S.

Q: Why is Truth social not on Android?

Ans: There are many reasons why the app is not for Android. They are currently testing their user interface and started testing for Android. It is not available because they are testing it for iPhone users, and currently, it’s in the phase-1 test. After that, they will test it further.

Q: Is the Truth social app available in my country?

Ans: Currently, this app is only available for U.S. users only, but they are testing further to expand their website and app for all the countries. If a person is not from the U.S, they cannot use the Truth Social app.

Q: What is a truth social app?

Ans: It is a new social media app where users only get the Truth. The platform encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology.

Q: What is the Truth about Social media?

Ans: This new social media platform encourages open, free, and Truth-seeking global conversation without discriminating against political ideology.

Q: Is Truth socially free?

Ans: Yes, this app is completely free to use. However, this platform is not available to the people in the United States.

Q: Is Truth social working?

Ans: Yes, Truth social works only in the United States and mainly for iOS users.


That’s all from my side. Today I mentioned everything you need to know about the Truth Social App for Android about the release date, APK, How to get it or to download it.

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