How to Turn Off Auto Capitalization Android

Here is exactly how to turn off auto-capitalization on Android. 

Many people keep wondering how to turn off auto caps on Android. Below is a detailed and easiest guide to turning off auto-capitalization easily. 

Moreover, you can follow this guide on any Android device or any keyboard app procedure is pretty same.

Let’s Learn how to turn off auto capitalization Android.

Get into the Keyboard app settings → Tap on Text Correction → Toggle Off Auto Capitalization. These 3 steps can disable or stop the auto capitalization (Auto Caps). Steps Are pretty same on almost all the Androids and Keyboard Apps.

NOTE: For screenshots and little explanation scroll down.

How to Turn Off Auto Caps On Any Phone

Below is How to turn off auto caps on Phones like; samsung, motorola, realme, tmobile.

  • 1. Get into keyboard app settings.

    The first step is you need to get into the keyboard app settings. If you are using Google board then settings are in front of you, on the keyboard.

  • 2. Tap on Text Correction.

    Now, you need to scroll down and tap on text correction. 

  • 3. Tap to Turn Off Auto Caps.

    In text correction menu, scroll down and figure out the correction section where you will find the auto-capitalization setting. Just toggle the button off to turn off auto-capitalization. 


This is how you can turn off auto caps on Android. It’s the easiest way and I had also mentioned that all the screenshots are necessary. 

You can follow the exact procedure on any Android device whether it came from Samsung Lenovo Huawei or Motorola. 

To Turn Off Auto Caps on Phones

Also, let Me summarise everything about auto-capitalization turning off. 

  • Open the keyboard app settings. 
  • Tap on the text correction menu. 
  • In the text correction, scroll down and find auto-capitalization. 
  • Tap on the button to turn it off

We are a place where you will get tutorial apps and games for Android. 

That’s it for the tutorial. Today I showed you the easiest way to turn off auto caps auto-capitalization on any Android device. 

I hope you found this article useful. Have a nice day.

Q: Should I turn off auto caps?

Ans: Yes, turning off auto caps saves time for some users who want to write as they wish, not in a certain set of rules. People usually turn this off because it breaks the typing experience.

Q: Can I turn off auto capitalization on Android?

Ans: Yes, Auto capitalization can be turned off easily from the keyboard app settings.

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