How to Turn Off Autocorrect on Android

How many times does it happen when you are writing something but the auto-correction on Android changes it into something else, which is different from your thinking. 

Now in this tutorial, I am gonna teach you how to turn off autocorrect on any Android device. 

So let’s dive in. 

How to Turn Off Autocorrect on Any Android

Using this method you can disable autocorrect on Android or turn it off on any Android device in just 5 simple steps. 

  • 1. Open Keyboard settings.

    In the first step, you need to get into your keyboard app settings. To get into the settings you need to tap on any text input field. When your keyboard appears the settings button is in the front or at the top of that keyboard bar. 

  • 2. Select Text Correction.

    After getting into the settings scroll down and select text correction. 

  • 3. Toggle Off the Auto-Correct.

    In the text correction menu, scroll down and tap on turn off auto-correction to disable autocorrect on Android. 


That’s how to disable autocorrect on Android. You can use the exact method on any Android device. 

Is Using Auto Correct Good?

Auto-correction is not that bad. It could help you in several cases but can also be more bad than good if you are using general languages and are using short terms which are trendy nowadays. 

Just like this, how many of you know what FS means on Instagram?.

Or how many of you know what CFS is on Instagram?.

It’s just like that if we were using the short terms and new words which were added to the internet slang definitely auto-correction is not for us. 

But for the people who generally type accurate English then the auto-correction will work for them. 

Easily turn off Auto-correction on Android

Turning off auto-correction is not hard. Even though its three steps are simple, first of all, get into keyboard app settings > text correction > Toggle on Autocorrect to turn it off. 

How to Turn Off Auto-Correct Android

For the people who want to read it step by step or bullet points then below is how to turn off android autocorrect. 

  1. Get into keyboard settings. 
  2. Tap on text correction. 
  3. Here toggle off the autocorrect. 

Turning off auto-correction on Android OS is too easy. We have already written more than 150 + articles on definitive guides for Android devices especially

Just like that. Menu of people don’t even know How to Delete words from Dictionary.

Why is autofocus bad?

AuotFcous is bad because sometimes it focuses on the wrong object. On Android AutoFocus is not fully optimized yet which results in the Main object being blurred, or a blurry photo.

Why do we use autofocus?

AutoFocus is being used to Automatically shift focus on the main object. This feature is useful for old-aged people because they don’t need to tap on the object again & again. This feature automatically shifts focus from one object to the next.

Why is autofocus used?

It’s primarily being used for non-tech savvy guys, who don’t want to refocus on the objects. The Auto-Focus itself shifts the camera focus from one object to the next Which makes it handier and even it is being used by most people except photographers.

So that’s it for today’s tutorial to turn off autocorrect on Android or how to turn off autocorrect on Android. 

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Have a nice day, have a great day, and keep yourself healthy. 

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