2 Ways Turn Off AutoFocus on any Smartphone

Learn how to turn off autofocus on any smartphone. This is the in-short tutorial to disable or turn off autofocus mode.
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Turning off autofocus on an Android/iPhone. This is one of the most helpful tricks that everyone should learn. 

Because even sometimes, when we click pictures, autofocus mode will disturb us by automatically focusing on the wrong object even with a tap on the suitable object that we want to focus on, but still camera would automatically transfer its focus to another object.

1st Way Using Camera App

  • Open your camera app.
  • Long tap on the object on which you want to focus on.
  • And it will automatically lock the Focus and disable the autofocus.

How to Turn Off AutoFocus

Turning off the autofocus mode is one of the easiest things you can follow on any Android device, whether from Apple, Samsung, Google, etc.

  • open camera app

  • Get the Object in front of the camera

  • Long press on the Object


Here’s an example of how the camera app show’s you when the autofocus is locked.

All the default camera application is created solely for clicking photos, and most of them does not include the most specific features to turn off autofocus. In all the midrange and budget ranges, smartphones follow this trend.

But when it comes to flagship devices, all have the option to disable or turn them off when not needed.

2nd Way is Using Third-Party App

The most convenient way is to use third-party apps; many camera apps are available. However, I have a list of the best ones.

I’ll quickly suggest the open camera app, the most lite and easy-to-use app in the market.

Open camera android app
  • Tap on the Popup iconPopup menu.
  • Then select Focus.
  • Here’s tap on Locked focus iconLocked – The camera does not focus unless you manually touch it to focus.

I just demonstrated both methods and ways they could be used on any device. And the app’s available camera’s download size is only 4 MB.

What is an Open Camera?

Open Camera is a third-party camera application used to click photos by professional who wants to customize every detail of their photographs.

What is AutoFocus, and why it’s being used?

Autofocus means the camera’s AI automatically detects and focuses on the object. For example, if a man is standing in front of a rear camera with a small plant, if the device is smart, then it would automatically focus on the man rather than the plant.

But sometimes, the camera focuses on nonprimary objects because of poor detection of available objects in the frame. If you take the same example again, the camera automatically focuses on the plant rather than the man.

AutoFocus is mainly used by old age or people who don’t know how to operate their Android or smartphone.

However, it is not a new feature; it has been there for ages; firstly, it was introduced on the camera and especially on handy cams.

Other Helpful and Relevant Resources


That’s it; this is how you can turn off autofocus on any Android device. If you are using Samsung, realme, or whatever device, you have to long-press on the object that you want to focus on, and it will be automatically logged, or you can see it will be off. I hope you like this tutorial.

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