How to Turn Off Dark Mode Google Chrome on Android & iOS 2023

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On a peaceful evening, I was on my terrace, and suddenly, one of my friends came to me and said, “Bro, what happened to my Chrome browser?” My Chrome browser has turned into dark mode, and I can’t fix it.

In that situation, I peacefully replied: sometimes you don’t choose darkness, but darkness chooses you! It seems like Yoda is giving the instruction.

You will be surprised, but for the past few days, there has been a lot of chatter on the Internet about Google Chrome’s dark mode. Even though I have checked the Google trends, there has been a hike in the last seven days for the Google Chrome dark mode. 

So in this article, I will explain how to turn off dark mode on Google Chrome. Chrome is one of my favorite browsers, and maybe yours, also. 

But regarding the color theme, everyone has a different choice. Some people prefer light mode, and some will prefer dark mode. 

Turn Off Dark Mode Google Chrome on Android

Let’s Learn how to turn off dark mode on Chrome android browser in Backdroid Style.

To Off or Disable dark mode on the Chrome app, Open The Chrome browser settings→ Tap on Theme → Select the Files → Tap on Light or System default.

So let’s dive into an article. I will teach you how to disable dark mode on Chrome ios and Android or “How to turn off google chrome dark mode on Android/iOS.” 

How to Turn Off Dark Mode Google Chrome on Android & iOS

Your tutorial is below An step-by-step procedure that you could follow to disable dark mode on Chrome on your Android device. These steps can also be followed on iOS devices. 

  • Open Chrome App Settings

    The first step is to open your Chrome browser. Then you need to type on the three dots and tap on the Chrome browser’s settings. 

  • Find & Select “Theme.”

    In the Chrome browser settings, you need to scroll down and select the theme. 

  • Select Light Theme There

    Here a short menu will appear where you have to select your preferred theme. By default, it is selected as the system default. If you want to turn off the dark theme, tap on “light.”


That means your Chrome browser will automatically turn into dark mode if the system’s dark mode is on. 

Moreover, the Chrome browser will turn its theme into dark mode whenever the phone’s battery saver is on. 

Ok, so that is this simple and easy-to-follow procedure. I hope you understand, even though I am linking a video tutorial below that will help you turn off Google Chrome dark mode. 

Video Tutorial: To Disable Dark Theme on Google Chrome on Any Smartphone

So below is the video that you could check out in which I have shown you how to disable the dark theme or night mode on the Google Chrome browser. You can follow this method on any Android device or even on iOS. 

How to Turn Off Dark Mode on Google Chrome

As I mentioned above, there is some condition when your battery saver or the system’s dark mode is on; then, the Chrome browser will automatically turn its theme into the dark. 

So you could select a theme you prefer or are used to. 

Turn Off Night Mode/Dark Theme on Google Chrome App

However, I am mentioning a three to a four-step simple procedure that will help you to turn off the dark system mode on the battery saver so that the Chrome dark mode will automatically. 

  • Open mobile settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on the battery.
  • In this manual, find power-saving and superpower-saving options, and you can disable them to turn off Chrome’s dark theme. 

However, a question was asked many times on our website and even on the Internet that hasn’t been answered yet about the Chrome dark theme. 

That’s why I believe I am answering some of the most asked questions that have never been answered on the internet. 

All the questions are related to this article. In other words, all the questions are related to disabling the dark theme on the Google Chrome browser. 

Summing up all the steps

To Disable or turn off dark mode on the chrome application, steps can be followed on any operating system:

  1. Open the Chrome browser settings.
  2. Tap on the Theme.
  3. In the Theme, select the Light or System Default.
  4. It will remove the dark Theme from chrome.

Google Chrome Dark Mode FAQs

Many times Google chrome dark mode can’t be turned off. There are two main reasons. First, The battery saver mode is turned on, or Second, System’s default dark theme is on. 

To disable chrome night mode, Dive into chrome settings > Theme > Select Light theme. That’s how to disable the night mode/dark theme on the google chrome app.

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Giving us the actual feedback. Only 1% of people comment on our article. I hope you are from that rare portion. 

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