How to Turn Off Developer Options (mode) on Any Android

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In this article, I will show you how to turn off developer mode on any Android device. 

Every Android device has the same operating system and even though they have the pretty same settings and the same procedure to turn off developer mode on Android. 

So let’s get started with the tutorial. 

Turn off developer option

In which I am gonna show you how to disable developer mode or steps that you need to turn off the developer mode. 

I will even show you how to remove the developer mode option from your additional settings. 

How to Turn off Developer Mode On Android OS 

Steps/procedures are given below to disable auto turn off the developer mode on any Android device. 

  • Open Settings & Select Additional Settings

    First of all, you need to open your mobile settings. And Select Additional Settings. 

  • Tap on Developer Mode

    Get into the additional settings option, where you will find the developer option if you have already turned it on. Now select the developer option. 

  • Tap on the Turn Off Button

    So when you get into the developer option, you need to disable the developer mode by tapping on that button or by sliding the button to the left. 


That’s how to disable developer mode or how to turn it off.

So when you tap on that button, it will be automatically disabled and now the developer mode is not working anymore. 

Right after this, to remove the developer option from that additional setting, you need to restart your device once.

When you do it, the procedure you follow to turn on to enable developer mode on your mobile will be cleared.

Video Tutorial: Turn Off Developer Options/ Mode

Turn Off Developer Mode Android

Whenever you need it you can turn it on by following this guide. Aur even by just tapping on the bill number seven Times.  

Quickly turning off the Developer Mode On Android 

So I have mentioned an in-depth guide above that you could use to follow, but if you are an Android geek then this is just for you. Because if you have the personality to follow the tutorials as fast as you read then just for you.

  • Open your mobile settings.
  • Scroll down and select additional settings.
  • Here find and select developer mode. 
  • Tap on the turn-off button to turn off developer mode. 
  • After this, restart your device to remove the developer option from additional settings. 

However, developer mode is one of the valuable features of Android OS, which provides extraordinary flexibility to Android devices. 

There are several options, like Android TalkBack. Even though TalkBack is one of the things that makes me cry with my first smartphone. 

I have already shared one of my stories in the article I published in which I have taught how to disable or turn off TalkBack on Android

Moreover, just for you, I am also mentioning a video that could be too helpful for you when turning off developer mode. 

Because I recently realized that making tutorials is not just enough, I have to upload videos that will help you move rather than adding tons of screenshots. 

However, I have mentioned some of the screenshots that need to be in the article. 

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